AccessDebit MasterCard® – Lets you access your money in more ways than ever before!

The AccessDebit MasterCard is the ultimate in convenience – it works just like an EFTPOS card, using money from your everyday account, but you can also use it in places you would normally need a credit card – like online, over the phone or overseas.

In fact, MasterCard is accepted at more locations or in as many countries as any other card, making it the only card you’ll ever need, at home or abroad.

With just one card you can:

  • shop wherever EFTPOS or MasterCard is accepted – here and overseas
  • get direct access to the funds in your everyday accounts at ATM machines anywhere in the world*
  • buy things online, by mail order or over the phone.

Using Accessdebit MasterCard every day

If you are aged 15* years of age or older, you can:

  • link it to your Credit Union South Everyday, transaction or savings accounts
  • have up to 2 accounts linked – so you can press CHQ or SAV in store for added security to take your money out of different accounts
  • use it online, at ATMs and in store

Mastercard debit card

A faster way to pay – Tap & GoTM with contactless technology
Your AccessDebit MasterCard comes with the added feature of MasterCard PayPassTM which means at participating merchants you can now buy everyday items like newspapers, coffees and sandwiches without worrying about carrying cash.

Simply tap your AccessDebit MasterCard against the PayPass terminal at participating merchants to make a secure payment for purchases of up to $80+ – no need to enter a PIN or sign!

Commonly Asked Questions:

Where can I use my Accessdebit MasterCard?  You can use your Accessdebit card in store and at ATMs in New Zealand and 34 million locations worldwide where the MasterCard logo is displayed.

How can I use my Accessdebit card to purchase online or over the phone? Your Accessdebit card works the same as a credit card does online or over the phone. The great difference is that the money comes directly out of your account instead of being charged to a bill you have to pay each month.

How does the MasterCard PayPass Technology work? A tiny microchip and radio antenna embedded in the Accessdebit card transmits your payment details via a wireless network to a high-speed PayPass reader at checkout.  The reader then verifies your transaction with your Credit Union through MasterCard’s reliable network and indicates approval almost instantly.

Is it secure? Encryption technology on the Accessdebit card makes using PayPass at checkout as safe as ‘dipping’ and swiping your card.   PayPass also has built-in safeguards to help prevent unwanted purchases.

  • It never leaves your hand at checkout
  • It must be extremely close to the reader to work
  • It only bills you once – even if you tap twice by mistake

Click here to apply for your AccessDebit MasterCard.

*You will need a parent or guardian signature if you are aged 15-17 .

Read our Accessdebit terms and conditions here