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Are you suffering from over extending yourself with credit cards, hire purchases and overdraft spending. Paying them back can be a hassle. With a debt consolidation loan, we can help you combine / consolidate your debt and leave you with one easy monthly payment to make and save a lot on interest payments. While NZCU South is based in the South Island, we help all kiwis to consolidate debt by offering debt consolidation loans NZ wide. Talk to our friendly staff today to find out how we can responsibly succeed together to help you live your dreams. Apply for your debt consolidation loan. *Lending criteria apply. Loan Repayment Insurance Protect yourself from the stress of repaying your loan in the event of the unexpected. Having Life Insurance for your loan repayments is a sensible and cost effective step. This ensures your family has protection when it is most needed.
  • Cover includes: life, disability, trauma, redundancy and bankruptcy
  • Choose to have life insurance only or a combination or any of the other components
  • Cover calculated on daily balance and paid monthly, so you will never over pay.
We recommend you protect yourself in times of uncertainty with Loan Protection Insurance.

Things you should know…

What are the terms and conditions of a personal loan?

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For more information on NZCU South’s Lending process, please read our Loan Agreement (General Terms) and our Loan Agreement (Specific Terms).
How much will a $10,000 personal loan cost you? Below is an example of a $10,000 personal loan at 13.95% p.a.  Please talk to us about your requirements and we will cater your loan to suit your needs. The loan application fee of $250.00 and loan security fee of $50.00 (if applicable) are added to the loan.  In this example the interest rate is 13.95% p.a. and the repayment amount is $100.00 per week.  The term of the personal loan is for 2 years and 4 months. The total interest is $1765.43, and the total cost of the loan is $12,065.43.  The Finance Rate / Annual Percentage Rate (API) is 16.648% p.a. (includes fees)

Try our debt consolidation calculator to see how much money you could afford or how much you could save with NZCU South.



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* Please note the calculations provided are estimates only, and do not constitute a quote; actual rates, fees and repayments may differ from those shown here.

*Lending criteria and conditions apply

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Who is debt consolidation for?

Is debt consolidation for you? Debt consolidation is for people who want to refinance various debts into one loan.  Reasons for debt consolidation are lower interest rates, wanting to make budgeting easier and being committed to not signing up to any more debt.  Payments are usually smaller so debt consolidation can free up extra funds […]

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Why get a debt consolidation loan?

Why debt consolidation? A debt consolidation loan can help people simplify their finances by combining all of their debt into one simple loan.  Consolidating will help relieve the stress of having to manage so many debts that are set up as different repayments, due at varying times of the month with different interest rates and […]

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When is debt consolidation a good idea?

Why debt consolidation? Debt consolidation is a good idea when you are juggling multiple payments to different organisations.  People who have had debt consolidation loans say they feel more in control of their finances. There are many benefits to combining all of your debt into one simple loan, but the most valuable benefit is that […]

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How does debt consolidation work?

What is debt consolidation? Debt consolidation works by combining all of the borrower’s debt into one simple loan.  Instead of paying many organisations different amounts plus varying interest rates the borrower will pay one financial organisation. Applying for a debt consolidation loan Applying for a debt consolidation loan will require the borrower to complete an […]

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Are debt consolidation loans bad for your credit check?

What is a credit check? A credit check represents a person’s creditworthiness. If a person is applying for credit, the lender will complete a credit check to examine the borrower’s credit rating. A credit check can also be requested if a person is applying for a new power account or even a new job. A […]

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Debt Consolidation FAQ

The Team at NZCU South are happy to talk to you about debt consolidation.  Debt consolidation is a good idea when you are juggling multiple payments and you would like to simplify your finances. Feel free to contact the NZCU South team on 0800 Lend2U (0800 536 328) to talk through your options. How does […]

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