Term Deposit

Make the most of your hard earned savings

We offer flexible and competitive Term Investment options to suit your investment needs.

Our competitive interest is calculated on a daily basis and can be paid at regular intervals (conditions apply) or on maturity to any account of your choice.

  •    –   You choose your investment term
  •    –   Flexible and competitive interest calculated daily
  •    –   Option of interest paid at regular intervals or on maturity
  •    –   You are advised of your options prior to maturity, including reinvesting for a further term

Money from term deposits are invested into your local community to help New Zealanders succeed together.

Term Deposit Rates – Effective 12 September 2019

Term $500 – $4,999 $5,000 – $1,500,000
1 month 0.85% p.a 1.00% p.a.
3 months 1.50% p.a 2.50% p.a.
6 months 2.10% p.a 3.10% p.a.
9 months 2.15% p.a 3.15% p.a.
12 months 2.10% p.a 3.10% p.a.
18 months 2.15% p.a 3.15% p.a.
24 months 2.15% p.a 3.15% p.a.
36 months 2.20% p.a 3.20% p.a.
48 months 3.25% p.a.
60 months 3.30% p.a.
*Interest is paid on maturity for terms less than 12 months.
*Interest may be paid quarterly or compounded for terms 12 months and over.  Maximum Total Shareholding permitted per Customer is $1,500,000.00.  These Credit Union Deposits are secured by a first ranking security interest over present and after acquired property of NZCU South. Click here to view the NZCU Product Disclosure Statement and Credit Risk Statement.

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