Your Story; Theresa

For long time NZCU South member Theresa the time was right to buy a new car. Without having her heart set on anything in particular the perfect, new vehicle needed to tick the following boxes; “reliable, fuel efficient and something with a little extra grunt.” The costs and continued maintenance on the old vehicle were mounting up so the decision was made to approach NZCU South. “It was an easy call – as a loyal member I can confidently say I can approach them anytime, my loan application process was smooth and straight forward.”

“Buying my new car which I love has been an enjoyable experience and without the team at NZCU South this wouldn’t be possible, so thank you.”

For Theresa this was the first time the loan process was completed online, with any past experiences being handled in-branch. “We are living in a digital world so this makes it a quicker way to process loan applications.” Any apprehension was soon put to the side with assistance from the dedicated NZCU South team and provision of a quick, seamless application process. “If I had any queries, the NZCU South team talked me through the process, making me feel at ease and helping me with any issues I was unsure of.” Upon approval of her loan application Theresa now had free reign and control to discover her perfect vehicle – one with a little extra grunt.

Theresa describes the task of finding her new car as exciting and a little daunting. Carrying out due diligence before making any major decision Theresa checked out several car dealers before taking a test drive on the car she would eventually go on to buy. Without rushing into any major decision, Theresa then sorted a mechanics professional opinion and advice to any questions and concerns she had. This was paramount for Theresa to ensure peace of mind before returning to the car dealer with the decision to make the purchase. “From start to finish they (car dealer) were great and looked after me – professional and caring.” The package included 6 months registration, as well as showing her all the bells and whistles and even cleaning and polishing the sleek new car. As Theresa puts it “perfect service!”

“The whole experience has been great, many thanks to NZCU South, the dealership and everyone involved, one very happy member.”

“The team at NZCU South has helped me achieve my goals for roughly 20 years give or take. They have great interest rates and as a member I can honestly say that the team have supported me in my financial situations. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”


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