A collection of stories from our own NZCU South members. We back New Zealanders who back themselves, so take a look and find out how we’ve turned dreams into reality.

“Change of pace, lifestyle & scenery” – Rick’s Story

“Low interest rates and a quick turnaround. A smooth process and pleasant experience.” A recipe for success, as Rick Tonoli explains how an NZCU South personal loan made a rural home ownership dream, a reality.

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“Great to have an incentive to save” – The Fifita’s Story

“The NZCU Christmas Saver is a fantastic service that I have been a part of for over 15 years and one I will definitely continue. I encourage others to do the same.” Emma explains how a Christmas Saver is perfect for her family of five.

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“Every year I seem to contribute more!” – Ella’s Story

“Each year we aim to go away as a whanau – that’s what Christmas is about. Time with family & making memories”  Ella’s  story sounds like your typical kiwi Christmas story,  but comes with a surprise this Christmas.

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“Christmas meal isn’t the same without all the special bits” – Sharon’s Story

“The hot and cold meats, the lovely vegetable and salads, the new potatoes with lots of butter and all the extra special bits…”  Sharon’s Christmas saver is used for something that is close to all our hearts, the food.

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“Great Way To Save For Christmas, With Family Together, Capturing Special Moments” – Lorraine’s Story

With a supporting cast including four children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild, Christmas is a big occasion for Lorraine and her family. The NZCU South Christmas Saver gives Lorraine the ability to save specifically for Christmas; for family gifts and a Christmas Day spread for all to enjoy.

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“Without Savings We Would Have Had To Borrow To Make The Perfect Wedding Happen – Twice” – Kevin & Vera’s Story

For Kevin & Vera, an NZCU South Christmas Saver account has helped fund both their daughter’s weddings – in the space of 14 months. They have also put money aside for their son’s wedding and even saved for a holiday to Rarotonga to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

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“Christmas Made Easier & Enjoyable Thanks To Christmas Saver” – Marcus’ Story

For Marcus, an NZCU South Christmas Saver account was the perfect tool to allow essential planning at what is traditionally an expensive time of year. “An NZCU South Christmas Saver account has helped make my festive season so much more enjoyable and alleviates a lot of stress that comes with this time of year.”

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“Debt Consolidation Was The Best Financial Decision I Have Made” – Abby’s Story

Abby felt as though she was drowning in debt and no matter what she tried, she couldn’t get on top of it. Abby decided it was time to get help and now she couldn’t be more happier with her decision. By getting a debt consolidation loan with NZCU South, Abby was able to take control of her debt while living her life the way she wants to.

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“Buying My Car Was An Enjoyable Experience” – Theresa’s Story

“Buying my new car which I love has been an enjoyable experience and without the team at NZCU South this wouldn’t be  possible, so thank you.”

For long time NZCU South member Theresa the time was right to buy a new car. The costs and maintenance of the old vehicle were mounting up so the call was made to approach NZCU South. An easy decision to help Theresa get a car that is reliable, fuel efficient and something that has a little extra grunt.

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“Family Holiday Is Now Possible” – Marcos Jr’s Story

Marcos Jr and his family applied for an NZCU South personal loan in June 2018 in order to travel to visit family. They were overwhelmed with joy when they received confirmation that their loan was approved as it meant that their dreams of traveling back home together was now possible…

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