Young Achiever Awards 2017

Credit Union South is proud to announce our 2017 Young Member Scholarship recipients.  Our three $5000.00 scholarships are aimed to recognise young members or family members to assist in payment of part or full time study in areas of academia, arts, music or sports within New Zealand or overseas for which applicants have been accepted.

It aims to assist recipients in realising their dreams, whilst being recognised within the NZCU South community and beyond for being at a high level in their chosen field and being able to further develop already recognised potential.   We  would like to congratulate Alex & Luke Manson, Charlotte Steel and Tessa Young on winning the 2017 Young Member Scholarships.  We wish these worthy recipients well for their future and we will definitely be following their success.


Alex and Luke Manson
Luke and Alex (002) edited

Alex and Luke are 8-year-old twin boys from Christchurch.  Their IQ is in the top 1%, and they are known as ‘profoundly gifted.’ At the age of three they could read and at four wrote the entire periodic table in chalk on the carpet at preschool. They have just commenced year four at Thorrington School near our Sydenham branch and love science and maths as well as reading, playing cards (they named poker and last card as what they know how to play), touch rugby, football, learning French and coding as their interests.  To assist them in extended learning and accelerated learning in maths especially their parents applied for the Scholarship to help with tuition fees to attend MindPlus School and maths education from Merivale Maths where Paul Talarico the tutor was a mathematician at NASA.



Charlotte Steel
Charlotte Steel (002) resized

Charlotte is a high-achieving student and has recently completed her Bachelor of Science majoring in Neuroscience at the University of Otago.  She is to commence an Honours year in 2017 with a focus on science and applications in medicine. Charlotte is intent on contributing to a cure for Alzheimer’s as this disease has affected her grandmother and other family members.  She has worked since she was 16 at the Dunedin Public Library as a shelving assistant and in Information Services to support her study.  She is also keen on photography, and creative story writing including poetry and has volunteered for the New Zealand Centre for Science and Citizenship and the UNESCO City of Literature Initiative.  Her scholarship will allow her to reduce her hours of work and apply her time to complete her Honours degree with the aim to get papers published in the future to assist in Alzheimer’s research in New Zealand.





Tessa Young
Tess Young (002)

Tessa is a track cyclist.  Originally from Invercargill, she moved to Cambridge in the Waikato to pursue her dream of being an Olympic Cyclist and World Champion. Tessa has completed a Bachelor of Sport and Leisure majoring in Sport/Exercise Science with a major in Biological Science.  She originally was a rower and won two golds in the Mardi Cup before moving to cycling.  She is inspired by women athletes that have paved the way for her and her main inspiration to succeed comes from within.  She currently works three part-time jobs to support herself and is at the time of writing participating in the NZ Track Cycling Championships in Invercargill.  Good performances with this event and the Oceania Games will see her move closer to goals of the NZ Sprint Squad, World Cup and World Champ events and Commonwealth Games.  Her ultimate goal is the Tokyo Olympics.  As a sprint cyclist, any improvement in an 11-second race makes all the difference.  She will put her funding from the Scholarship towards assisting her with improving her equipment and travel expenses to the events mentioned above.