Why NZCU South? As told by the members.

What’s a credit union and why would I choose one over a bank?

Why NZCU South?

How easy is it to borrow from NZCU South?

These are some of the questions we hear on a daily basis. We have the answers below – as told by our members. Everyday New Zealanders. What makes us stand out from the crowd? For a start, we are New Zealand owned and operated which is more than you could say for many financial institutions in NZ. Why should the everyday classic kiwi partner with NZCU South? We are all about helping our fellow kiwi out. Backing New Zealanders who back themselves. We are a not-for-profit organisation. We’re not about pie charts and percentages, we’re about you.

Still not convinced?

This is our chance to present our case. Instead of blowing our own trumpet (this is not the humble, classic kiwi way) we have showcased some of our member appraisals in a way to tell the story of us.  

The following quotes, captured from everyday New Zealanders detail aspects including a quick and easy online loan application process, friendly personal service, with a down-to-earth, yet professional way of going about our business. Add it all up and you will find that we are here to help everyday New Zealanders achieve their lifestyle goals – faster and more easily.

Don’t just take our word for it. We are proud of the reviews we have received from our members. Good, bad and otherwise, this keeps us on our toes, allowing us to perfect our service, tailoring a personalised service for the classic kiwi.

Proud to be a credit union – locally owned by members, for members.

“Fabulous; a very professional service. Overall the time it took to join and receive a loan totalled three days. Unbelievable. Will certainly recommend them”   Kaye

“Very good service, so nice, friendly and helpful. Such a nice experience. Everything was sorted so easily. Nothing was a problem, great customer service. A plus.”  Craig

“So helpful and so quick to have everything approved, disbursed and rolled my existing debt into one loan. I appreciated it a lot. I have recommended NZCU South to friends and family as I have always found the service great and helpful.”  Nadine

“The staff were excellent, very efficient, had excellent communication skills and were very friendly and professional.”  Cindy

“My experience with NZCU South was excellent. Staff went out of their way to make sure my loan was done on time for me to purchase my new vehicle. A big thanks to the NZCU South team.”  Paul

“Just consolidated a debt, was done quickly and efficiently.”  Sean

“I was extremely impressed with the service I received. My loan was accepted same day and paid out the following day. Online applications definitely the best, stress-free and very convenient, no having to take time off work to sign documents. I would recommend NZCU to anyone who is thinking of banking or taking a loan etc.”  Harriet

“It was very easy to apply online for a loan and I will be setting up further accounts as I like the service and the fact it is South Island based.”  Lisa

“Had such a great experience with NZCU South! All information was presented in an easy to understand manner, and everyone was very helpful, and not at all judgemental. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to consolidate their debts!” Chelsey

“I find NZCU South most helpful. I love the down to earth helpfulness.” Lee

“Hassle Free! Simple and Easy is all I’ve got to say!”  Kay M

We thank our members for the words of support and appraisal. For a more comprehensive scope of our reviews be sure to check out; https://www.shopperapproved.com/reviews/nzcusouth.co.nz/

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