Top Financial Apps to Check Out


Our lives are getting busier and busier, meaning we have less time to sort out and manage our finances. However, thanks to the help of our mobile phones and the internet, we are now able to control our finances on the go due to the numerous apps that are out there. There is an app for nearly everything nowadays. You have apps from doing bank transactions to recording yourself sleep, from recording calorie intakes to taking selfies and finding new friends. Mobile apps are now a big part of our lives, so it would make sense to use them to assist with our finances too. There are thousands of apps out there that have been created to help us with our money, so compiling a list and ranking them in order would have proved to be a rather difficult task.

Instead, we have compiled a simple list of six mobile financing apps, in no particular order, that we believe could help you with your budgeting and savings needs.  Have a read and go check some of them out. You will be surprised by how much money you could save if you incorporate one of them into your life.



We will start our list off with a simple budget planning app known as Fudget. Fudget works as a simple list creation tool that allows you to manage and track all of your incoming finances and outgoing expenses. With simple ‘One-tap adding and editing,’ Fudget allows for on the go adjustments with an easy to read interface. It takes all the complex reports and graphs and leaves them behind as you can input your transaction history and see where adjustments should be made.

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Budget Wiz:

Budget Wiz is a slight step up as this app allows for the creation of an unlimited number of budgets (whether they are repeating or not) so that you can control and limit your spending. With numerous visual reporting options, you can customise your budget amounts and insert transactions categorically so that you can assess the amount of money spent vs the amount of budget you have left. Track what you spend your income on, when the most likely time you will spend your income and where you spend it too and then make adjustments to your expenditure accordingly. Establish what aspects in your life take up most of your income and figure out ways to reduce it. Budget Wiz works with the philosophy that if you have less money to spend while under a budget, you will automatically control your spending.

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Money Coach:

Money Coach is another budgeting app that helps you to control your spending with an easy to use interface. You can set multiple budgets, at different time frames and be given easy to read information showing you how much of your income is allocated to that budget as well as how much money you have left for that expenditure. Money Coach allows you to track to date how much money you have saved from budgeting and will show you how quick it will pay for itself.

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Pocket Smith:

Pocket Smith is probably one of the best budgeting apps out at the moment as its comprehensive set of features provides you with a wide range of tools to help grow your money. Load your transactions in and have them automatically categorised for you, track your expenditure and develop flexible budgets for yourself. Receive informative reports and forecast the savings you could make with what-if scenarios that allow you to see how tiny adjustments can alter your savings. Pocket Smith also features many security features and sharing options as you can grant others such as family members or advisors, assess to help manage your accounts. Pocket Smith’s comprehensive reporting even gives you a fully customizable dashboard so you can track what you want and also keep tabs on your total net worth! Available with the pricing options of; free, standard and premium, we recommend getting hold of this app and give it a go.

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Honeydue Is a unique budgeting app as it is an app that is set up to assist couples. It allows you to track money together as you share your expenses, making it easier for both of you to get on the same page and work as a team. Keep track of how much money you have together, who spent what on what and also set up bill reminders so that you can make sure everything is paid on time. Honeydue allows for transparency between couples and their spending habits, meaning they can communicate much more clearly. An ideal app to have with your spouse or partner. Argue less and save more together.

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YNAB or You Need a Budget, is an American debt management app that works similar to Pocket Smith. YNAB allows you to sync up your YNAB account to your bank account so that it automatically records and categorises your transactions for you. YNAB provides real-time data of your purchases and allows for continuous tracking of your goals. It also categorises your spending, offer comprehensive reports and assesses your progress to see if you are on track to your saving goals.

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