Top 10 Christmas Presents Under $20 From Him For Her

We are back again with another top 10 Christmas presents lists, this time, catering to those special females in your lives. This list will seek to minimise your costs while simultaneously maximising the joy. The gifts on here won’t cost you an arm and a leg but sure will guarantee her happiness on the day. So if you have found yourself, caught up in that last minute Christmas shopping for her. Don’t stress out! Take a breath, read our list, and you will surely get a few ideas that might work out for you this holiday season. As a small disclaimer, we would like to state that this list was created and edited from one of our male staff members.






Wine Hook Glass Holder

Don’t you just hate it when you’re relaxing outside, soaking up the sun and you can’t seem to find a place to sit your favourite Merlot? Well, we have found the solution to your troubles! This nifty wee, easy to attach wine holder will help solve this issue. Kick back and relax as you now have use of both hands, meaning you can hold your book and turn the pages with ease.


$11.95 from






Smart Wallet


Handbag getting to full? Cards becoming a hassle to find? Well, check out this smart wallet for your phone. This little beauty gives easy access to your cards and I.D’s, meaning no more prolonged rustling through your purse when it becomes your time to pay. Works a treat for those nights out as well as you can keep all your necessities close together.


$11.95 from





Popsockets Phone Grip


Smart wallet, not your thing? Well, maybe a Phone Grip is. The style of doorknobs, meets the convenience stand up displays as you can now lie in bed on your smartphone without the fear of losing grip and dropping it on your face. This convenient attachment works as both a stand and a grip and can be easily attached and removed, meaning you can pocket your device while you’re on the go.


$14.95 from




Bridget Jones Baby


We are pretty sure this is a good movie. One of us had an ex-girlfriend once who enjoyed it.



$19.99 from





Scented Candle


Now, this is our area of expertise! Fellas, pay attention, females love scented candles, but you must make sure you get the right one! The female is gifted with a strong sense of smell (hence why they don’t like you leaving dirty socks on the floor). Do your research and discover what divine aroma, the nostrils of your special female companion prefers. As the wrong one could show how little you truly know about her.


S15.00 from




Rose Quartz 9 – Piece Brush Set


Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find your blending brush so you can’t finish off your eyes to give that soft blended look? Or you have misplaced your powder brush, meaning you can’t diffuse loose foundation powders and you end up with a cake face concentrated colour look? (yes this is still a guy talking). Well, why not get a set, with them all. She will surely love a matching kit that does it all.


$17 from




Marble Ceramic Canisters


Can be used for tea, coffee, or whatever you want. Spruce up her kitchen with some modern looking ceramic canisters. Everyone always needs containers, so why not be there first with a matching set. So she can be hypnotised by the mesmerising patterns of the graceful ceramic as she makes whatever beverage she desires in the morning.


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Photo Frame


Nothing shows her you care more than a lovely clean photo of you all together. Put on your tie, do your hair and iron that shirt, create a beautiful image together and put it on display so that way she can show you while you’re at your best, to her friends that come around. A photo is cute, it’s sentimental, and it’s easy to do. Just make sure you get 50 of them done so she can get every angle she wants.


$14.99 from




Reusable Coffee Cup


Speak to the inner coffee lover in her by giving her a weapon that can help her get through those dreaded weekday mornings. A reusable cup that she can take with her on the go will allow her to enjoy her addiction while voyages to work and save her from knocking it back like she does with Vodka on Saturday nights before she rushes out the door.


$16.99 from







The present of all presents, the underdog of gift giving, the true king of Christmas. The mighty sock is undoubtedly going to make her day. Now we know we said the same for the guy’s list but like, come on, everyone needs socks. You could buy a bundle, find a pair with dogs on it or even get ones with ribbons and bows attached. Show her you care this festive season, with the only gift that says “I love you” without even saying it.


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That concludes our gift list for her this season. We hope our expert has given you all some great ideas that will help show her you care this year. Whether it be makeup tools, phone accessories or even socks (editor’s choice by the way), there is something here that will surely create a smile on the day.

We hope you all have a great summer and make this a Christmas to remember. As making memories with others, is one of the best gifts you can give overall. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7/5 based on 680 ratings and reviews