Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $20 For Him


Christmas for some is the time for family and friends, and joy and laughter. But for others, Christmas is the time for presents! We all want to be generous with our gift giving, but we also don’t want to give an arm and a leg to do so. We all have those distant family members that you only see once a year, and you feel the need to get them something. You toss, and you turn on what they might like, but you don’t feel the need to Spend $50+ on something that you don’t even know if they will enjoy. We go store to store and just hope that something will stand out to us in the next one as we don’t really know what we are looking for.

We too have experienced those moments. We too, know the little bit of guilt you feel when you settle on a box of roses for uncle Dayle, only to unwrap your gift from him and to see a magnificent Gucci vest that matches your eyes and totally brings out your smile… Ok maybe that scenario is a bit far-fetched, but you know what we mean.

This is why we have composed a list of great affordable gift ideas for guys like uncle Dayle, so that way you can relieve some of the stress of Christmas shopping while also saving your wallet in the process.



Reusable Toasterbags


How good is a toasted cheese sandwich!? The quick and easy treat just got even easier. They will no longer need to chuck the cheese sandwich in a sandwich press or frying pan, but instead, all they have to do is put it in one of the reusable bags and drop it in the toaster. The glorious transformation will occur with no need of supervision. Leaving him will have plenty of extra time to clean up and do the dishes or something.


Only $5.99 from






If You Had To Game


What better way to find out a little bit more about uncle Dayle by seeing what “If you had to…” he makes. The little card game is sure to bring the laughs and those awkward moments this Christmas as people are made to make tough decisions in front of all their family. Your parents may not look at you the same after playing this with them, but it sure will be a fun little present that will have everyone in stitches on the day.


Find it on for $16.00






Loaded Dice – Novelty Shot Glass


You know just after Christmas is New Years and for some of us, this ends up being a big party night. So why not get him a cheeky little novelty shot glass that can add some more suspense when the spirits come out. You can mix it up with the good stuff and the not so good stuff and let him torment his friends with a roll of the dice on New Year’s night.


Only $12.99 on







Super Mario Bros. Coasters


Give him a reason to use coasters from now on with these cool Super Mario Bros. ones. There is no better place for him to place his beverage than on top of his favourite video game character of his as a kid. Mario may be used to saving the princess, but he can also save a table or two as any man would be proud to have these coasters out and about in his home.


From for $16.99







Glass Skull Decanter



Want to know what looks cool lying around? A glass skull, that’s what. Everyone man can feel like his favourite movie villain with one of these bad boys on display. Leave it empty or use it to hold up to 400ml of these favourite drink.


From for $19.99






Destroyer Droid – Metal Earth Model – Star Wars


Every man likes star wars, hands down end of story. So why not give him a tiny wee star wars model. This little masterpiece is easy to assemble and requires no glue what so ever. A nice item that he can be displayed on any man’s desk or dutchess.


Costs $19.99 from







Lynx Body Spray + Shower Gel Africa Set


It wouldn’t be a list without this bad boy on it. The Lynx Africa shower pack. It has gone from amazing, to retro and back to amazing, more times than anyone can count. You can’t go wrong with it, and cousin Dayle will appreciate you getting in quick and getting him one because everyone knows these packs don’t last long.


Only $10.00 form the Warehouse





Living & Co Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t like waffles!? The Living & Co waffle maker will give him no excuse or reason to miss breakfast in the morning. Compact and easy, this handy tool will make mornings fun again as he can start each day with a delicious fluffy delight disc of joy.


Can find at the Warehouse for $16.00






Bestway Kids ‘ Fill ‘ n Fun Pool


OK hear us out. Yes, this gift is great for kids, and yes if he has a toddler under three, they will love it. But this gift is so much more than a simple paddling pool. This aquatic designed liquid repository could be a necessity for a hot summer. Great for holding ice and keeping things chilled, (if you know what we mean). This pool will be great for you and your drinks… Aw we mean kids.


        Only $10.00 from the Warehouse






You can’t go wrong with socks. Now we know not all young ones appreciate them as presents and that it may seem weird to give someone you may not know too well, these as a gift. But trust us! Every man reaches a point in their life (we believe around 20) where they begin to truly appreciate the nature of this gift. Soft to the touch and majestic in feeling. Every man loves that sensation of putting new socks on, on Christmas day.

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Now that’s a few gift ideas that we recommend for him this Christmas. Shopping for guys isn’t always easy and we totally understand that. We hope our list sparked some ideas and got you thinking outside the box for this season. Whether it be old reliable like Lynx Shower packs and socks, or something different like Metal Star Wars models or Super Mario Bros. coasters. We hope you have fun shopping this Christmas season, and stay tuned for next week, as we put together a top 10 list of gifts under $20 for her, this Christmas season. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7/5 based on 680 ratings and reviews