This year I’m going to travel to…

Now, that the majority of us are back in the swing of working routine and the holidays are in the rear-view mirror, the next logical step is to start planning your next holiday destination. That is, once you’ve recovered and paid for the last one of course.

We all know the New Year is habitually seen as a time to make a change to our habits with finances often front and centre. Why not coincide a change in saving and spending habits with the added incentive to achieve grand travel goals. Those travel goals that have often seemed a distant reality, beyond reach. Ask yourself why that is? Perhaps there are a multitude of reasons.  Not all of us have the luxury to go on holiday, which may be due to a variety of reasons, with finances likely being a focal cause that’s preventing an exotic escape overseas.  Maybe our saving-spending habits have inhibited such possibilities, and a change of such thinking is the final hurdle to allow open planning toward potential travel journeys.

Why not make 2018 the year you pull the trigger and finally make the decision to take the holiday that you have been dreaming about.  Follow our guidance to make this happen;



Open a Travel Savings Account

Having multiple accounts allows you to separate your day-to-day costs, bills etc. from your savings. If you set up an account dedicated exclusively to travel funds ensure you regularly deposit your income into the account and watch the fund grow in anticipation of your holiday.

Check out our range of savings accounts tailored to help achieve your savings goals.

Have a budget in mind to account for all flight costs, accommodation and spending money. The earlier you start saving in the account the easier it will be to overspending.  Budget for any spending money you wish to have; food, transport, anything that springs to mind that you will come across on your trip. Most importantly make sure your passport is up to date and all other measures required if you are travelling abroad.  In accordance with your budget set yourself goals and objectives to help you on your way. Perhaps aim to have a set figure in your savings account per month.



Sign up for emails

You know them pesky email alerts, constantly promoting the latest, limited-time deals and offers? Well, sign up to them. It may fill up your inbox, but the opportunity for money-saving possibilities are huge here. In the budget, we will have identified flights and accommodation as the two major expenses associated with travel. The other way to look at this is, the greatest opportunity to save money by taking advantage of one of those email offers. Imagine if you could save 50% on flights. That’s a major relief and would free up much needed cash that you could spend at your leisure throughout your trip.

Sign up for both airline and accommodation offers. In many cases these are packaged together. Seek out the best offers and shop around to find yourself a bargain!



Package deals or do-it-yourself experience?

There is a case for either option. Perhaps even the option to include both as part of your experience. Many package deals will allow you to see all the major tourist attractions and hot-spots as part of a tour group. You meet new people, bus-hop and generally do not have the worry of arranging accommodation in advance. Often these packages are great money savers and depending on where you are travelling, give you flexible freedom to experience areas yourself instead of prescribing to a set itinerary. Also with this type of approach, you often pay a set amount up-front and do not have to worry about further payments throughout the trip besides food and spending money.

With a do-it-yourself approach, you have the opportunity to venture off the beaten track, and all the responsibility falls on you. This way you may be able to better plan where and when you want to visit certain places, and you will not feel as controlled throughout. It may pay to set yourself a well-planned budget here as costs may snowball.

It would be recommended to do your research and seek the best option for you.



Don’t have any regrets

Imagine going to New York without going to Time Square or to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, or to Vegas without gambling or getting hitched. Weddings with Elvis aside, the point being if you’ve spent x amount of time saving x amount of dollars you don’t want to miss out on what could potentially be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity simply because you’re worried about overspending. Once again the point cannot be reinforced enough, save now to enjoy the future occasions. Think bigger picture instead of merely factoring in day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck means of living.


Why wait…

You’re not getting any younger. Now is the time to plan your next holiday destination. Perhaps the lure of an escape from a New Zealand winter is beckoning or a 2018 Christmas/New Year getaway is on the cards. Now is the time to plan your next adventure. Be patient, it will take time to plan and save for your holiday. And if finances do prove an issue why not apply for a personal loan to allow you to see the world, experiencing and achieving the travel goals you have dreamt of. Make 2018 the year you finally make the call, grab your passport, your boarding pass and take off.