“The Best Financial Decision I Have Made” – Abby’s Story

This week’s story is about one of our member’s battle with debt and how she took control of that debt through a debt consolidation loan.

Abby felt as though she was drowning in debt and no matter what she tried she couldn’t get on top of it. High-interest loan payments and credit card payments made life uncomfortable and hard to manage as the extra stresses from her finances were starting to take its toll. Living week to week, Abby knew she needed a change. Because even though she was working hard each week, she felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere with her debt.

Abby then decided to take the extra step and got herself a debt consolidation loan to help her manage her finances. A debt consolidation loan works by combining all your existing debt to other organisations into one. Consolidating, saves you from having to make multiple payments per week. With the stress of multiple payments off her back, Abby was able to take control of her debt.

“I feel like it has been the best financial decision I have made and the peace of mind is allowing me to be more comfortable. Now I am only paying one easy payment per week, which is half the amount I was paying!”

Utilising this new found financial freedom, Abby was able to start saving, meaning she had some money behind her to cover additional unexpected expenses.

“I’m not living week to week anymore, as I have money left over, so I don’t need to use my credit card and get myself further in debt – it’s a dangerous cycle!”

Abby is just one of a thousand New Zealanders who has taken control of their finances with a debt consolidation loan. By giving yourself more manageable regular payments as well as lower interest rates, you will eliminate the burden that debt can put on your life. Allowing you to live your life the way you want to.

We would like to say a big thank you to Abby for sharing her story with us, we always love hearing from members who have benefited from our services. If you too have a story you would like to share with us, feel free to do so by visiting our page: Share Your Story With Us

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Some of the information in this article was altered in order to protect the member’s privacy.