Clinton and Lisa’s story

“I called in tears needing help and NZCU South listened to me, gave me advice, told me to the point what to expect and put my mind at ease. After a loan was approved NZCU South helped me sort out a budget looking over it for me and helping me with tips and advice.

NZCU South always returned calls when promised. If it wasn’t for NZCU South’s advice and giving me people who I could call for help then my family would have been under pressure I’m sure we would not have coped with.

I’m so thankful that I called NZCU South that day. All the way through this I have not been judged, put down or been made to feel like a failure. Believe it or not my faith in people has been restored.

I have realized that there are people out there to help when you are struggling all you need to do is ask. We are not alone when it comes to the pressures of debt and first homes, there are people with the skills and experience out there to help people like ourselves. Thanks for you time.” –  Clinton and Lisa