Stick to your 2019 New Year’s Resolution like glue

Woman Stretching before going for a run.

Live and breathe your goal, become obsessed with it…

Sticking to your goals can be a difficult task if we don’t put our minds to it. It’s all fun and games telling yourself and everyone else what your goal is for the year, but if you don’t set any measures in place to achieve it, then failure can be pretty embarrassing. You don’t want to start 2019 a quitter do you? Unless it’s quitting smoking, then it’s a good thing. So to help ensure you stick to what you set out to achieve this year, we have supplied some tips to help you stick to your 2019 goals like glue.

Purchase Assets to Enable You

Like new gym shoes for running or new stationery for writing, acquire assets that can assist you in achieving your goal. It’s like investing in yourself, give yourself more motivation to stick to it and not let your money or goals go to waste.

Start From Scratch

Go back to step one and set manageable goals, working your way up. It’s like if you decide to go back and play an old video game, which you haven’t played in years. You won’t be motivated to resume where you left off, you want to start from the beginning and feel all the accomplishments. If you have been trying to save for a while and it hasn’t been going well, then start a new account with a new initiative. Like the NZCU South Success Saver account, lock your money in and set yourself goals for the year so you can measure your success at different points.

Make it Known

Let other people know about your goals so that they can help encourage you to achieve them. Yeah, it’s only the start of the year, and your mates might think you are taking the mickey, making such a bold claim/promise like that. But imagine their faces when the end of the year comes around, and you can show them the results. Also, you might find that one of your friends and family want to have the same goal too, which can mean you will have some friendly support or competition along the way.

Become Obsessed

Live and breathe your goal, become obsessed with it. Google things about it on work breaks. Watch YouTube videos before bed and subscribe to blogs or forums that have information about it. Being surrounded by positive information or tips about achieving your goal can give you new creative ways to meet/reach your goal. Learning the guitar on your plans? Well watch some YouTube tutorials or Google some handy tips to help you learn better.

Devote Time to Your Goal

Set time to help you achieve your goal. Want to lose weight? Turn your lunch breaks into small walks. Want to quit/reduce smoking? Have some gum to occupy the time you would usually go have one. Devote small amounts of time to your goal to help progress closer to achieving it. You might be bad at first, and it might seem hard, but doing it over and over again will become easier with time.

Be Honest/Critical With Yourself

You are going to find it difficult to achieve your goal or improve your current situation if you don’t look critically at your mistake. If you want to get stronger but skip the gym, then you should feel bad about your decision. Waving it off as a laugh can just make the wrong choice more comfortable for you to do in the future. Think about the payoff of going to the gym vs the payoff of skipping it. Make it, so you never want to skip the gym again and keep yourself feeling good with your decisions.

Replace, Don’t Eliminate

If your goal is to quit something (i.e. smoking), then replace it with another habit to help keep yourself occupied. It’s like if you are eating out with your mates and they all get alcohol, but your goal is to try to quit drinking. Get yourself a glass of flavoured water or a beautiful raspberry and coke so that you don’t feel entirely left out and tempted to give in.

Make Your Goal Realistic

No point in setting goals that are not achievable in your current lifestyle. If they are out of reach, then you will be more likely to give up on them. Set small, realistic goals and knock them off as you go. If you want to lose weight, set goal amounts like 1 kg each week and check the scales. Don’t just have a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and say I want to be shredded like him. You can look in the mirror all you want, but if you are unable to see noticeable results, then you may be more inclined to give up.

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