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At NZCU South we are here to help Kiwis foster a healthy attitude towards money. Our financial tools and services are all about helping you achieve the life you want – faster and more easily. At NZCU South we like to take a simple approach to personal finance. Whether that is managing your finances better, getting out of debt quicker, or customising personal loans to suit your budget and lifestyle – we work to make you better off. At NZCU South we are here to provide a foundation for you to simplify your finances. From helping manage your debt and budget planning through to implementing and achieving your personal finance goals and ambitions. Simplifying personal finance is our objective. To better your understanding, outlook and attitude toward personal finance and help you get ahead be sure to check out our personal finance blog page.

Here are three of our favourites to help you simply your finances.

  • When paying off debt, it’s best to have a strategy in mind. A couple of popular methods are the ‘Debt Snowball’ & ‘Debt Avalanche’ approaches.  You can read more about debt repayment strategies here.
  • Keep track of your credit score. Your credit score impacts your ability to borrow money, so being aware of your score and how your actions may impact it, is essential in ensuring you get the best for your future financing. You can read more on credit scores here.
  • Reduce the number of payments you need to make. Nowadays we all have so much going on in our lives that we can easily forget to make a payment or to be late on one. Consider the options of setting up automatic payments or combining your debts into one, so you can keep on top of your finances and keep those rates and penalties down. You can read more on why a debt consolidation loan will work for you here.

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