Scam Phone Call Warning

Some of our members have been victim to scammer calls, and we would like to ensure you are aware of these calls and how to protect your account. These scammers are very sophisticated in their approach to steal money from individuals, and we want you to be always on alert when you receive calls from unknown or blocked phone numbers or an unusual phone call that appears to be from a trusted phone number.

Please beware of any requests made by phone for personal details. These scammers may know some information about you which makes you believe the call is legitimate. You should never receive a genuine phone call requesting your personal details on your bank account or your latest transactions.

If you receive an unexpected phone call from NZCU South or another bank, be cautious and return the call, dialing a registered number for the organisation that you will find on their website. It may be inconvenient, but it minimises risk and helps to protect you against phone fraud.

Click here to read some examples of the most common types of scam calls being received by consumers in New Zealand.

Please contact our NZCU South Contact Centre on 0800 696 636 if you have any questions or if you receive any suspicious phone calls.