How to save money on clothes and personal care

Save money on clothes and personal careIs personal grooming important to you? Do you find yourself wishing you could still save money on clothes, but be able to wear what works for you?

It’s easy to let spending on clothes and personal grooming products get out of hand. We’ve all had that sinking feeling of buying something you want and like, but knowing your budget can’t quite stand up to it.
It’s more than possible to look after yourself to a polished standard, with a wardrobe that reflects your style. You CAN present yourself to the world in the way that works for you, while still have a financial plan and a budget intact. So we set out to find the ways that you can save money on clothes and personal grooming.

Save money on clothes

Clean out your clothes cupboard

Before you think about what you might need, assess carefully what you already have. Organise your clothes into seasons, discard what you know you’ll never wear, and pack away anything that you seldom wear. This way you’ll know not to buy that hoody on sale, because you’ll know there are already seven in your closet!
It’s also worth a mention not to buy that hoody just because it’s on sale. If your plan is to save money on clothes it would be better not to buy it at all!

Take care of what you do have

This may seem obvious, but to save money on clothes you need to look after those that you have. Do you wash whites and coloured clothing separately? It may be a bit more expensive, but it will extend the life of your items. Take the time to sew an unravelling hem or a missing button, these small steps go a long way to protect your wardrobe investment.

Dress simply in good quality

Be smart to save money on clothes, by putting together a ‘capsule wardrobe’. This is a collection of classic clothing items that don’t go out of fashion, can be mixed and matched and also dressed up or down.

Save money on personal care

How’s your oral hygiene?

Dental work tends to be hugely expensive in New Zealand. The cost of fillings, pulling a tooth or restorative dentistry can make a real dent in your pocket, yet so much of it is avoidable. Brush your teeth twice daily without fail, taking the time to floss and use a mouthwash. A simple solution of salt water will do the job, it’s not necessary to shell out for a grocery store mouthwash. Adequate dental hygiene will keep you out of the dentist’s chair, saving you money and giving you a glorious smile.
If you do need dental work consider going to a dentist school, where you will likely give up more of your time than your money. All work is overseen by a more than qualified professor, making it a safe option for you.

Don’t overspend in the toiletry aisle

Beautifully scented and packaged toiletry items have a certain appeal, but tend to come with an unfortunate price tag! You’re also likely to find that the less expensive options do the job just as well. Give that cheaper brand of toothpaste a try, and the same for deodorant and moisturiser. The important factor is to use these products regularly and consistently. Bath or shower daily with simple products and you won’t need a $30 facial scrub.

Make your own

Considered making your own shaving cream? Shave money off each shave by making your own shaving lotion using ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. There are countless recipes on the internet

Reduce repeat prescriptions

If you need to take prescription medication, make sure you ask your doctor for a three month supply. This will be cheaper than asking for it each month.

Get your hair done for less (or even for free)

Approach your local beauty schools to have your hair done by a student. There will be a fully trained hairdresser in attendance, and at worst, if you don’t like it it will always grow out.

Take care of yourself

Use common sense and make the effort to wash your hands frequently, get enough sleep, and avoid people who have a cold or flu. Healthy food, vitamin supplements and regular exercise will strengthen your immune system and prevent medical bills.
You don’t have to make it hard – go for a walk or jog in the evening, do some light stretches and mat exercises at home for free. Your wallet and your body will thank you.

And there you have it – some basic ideas to make your money go further on personal grooming and save money on clothes. If you have ideas you’d like to add, or feedback on these points, please share them with us on our Facebook page.

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