Save money on cleaning, don’t compromise on the clean.

Save money on cleaning

Household cleaning supplies are a necessity of life, but expensive ones aren’t. There are many ways to save money on cleaning, with the most obvious being to make your own.

Make your own cleaning agents

Homemade cleaning supplies are made up mostly of cheaply available ingredients that you may well already have in your home. The most common, which are also both effective and affordable, are vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

Save money on cleaning with distilled vinegar

An equal mix of vinegar and water will give you an astoundingly effective multipurpose cleaner that is economical. This blend is non toxic, and is an excellent disinfectant for floors and bathrooms.  It also does an excellent job of cleaning glass without leaving streaks. And don’t worry, its distinctive vinegar smell disappears as soon as it dries.

An air freshener of your choice

There are dozens of commercially available air fresheners, most of which are not only expensive but also have a somewhat artificial and often cloying fragrance. We recommend for a strong smelling mudroom or laundry, mix baking soda together with your favourite essential oil and place in an open container.

Another good option to fragrance a room without spending a lot is to make your own reed diffusers. Simply use a bamboo skewer and a small vase.  Half fill the vase with baby oil and your favourite essential oil. Our favourite is equal parts lavender and lemon essential oils, with a dash of peppermint oil added.

Do your dry-cleaning at home

Many clothing items that have a ‘dry-clean only’ tag on them will in fact be fine to wash carefully. Many of these labels are inaccurate, according to Richard Neale of Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Consultants (LTC Worldwide). Clothes are labelled as ‘dry-clean only’ when the manufacturers don’t trust the consumer to follow washing instructions precisely. This is particularly true of clothing made from natural fibres such as mohair and cashmere. This is because a handwash in cold water is far gentler than a machine’s tumbling action, which can turn woolen garments into to felt. It’s quite possible to save money on cleaning by washing a dry-clean only item yourself. Be gentle however, or shrinkage can occur.

Take care with colours though – we’d recommend sending any colours or bright prints that may run to the professionals.

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