Riding Solo For Valentine’s Day? Well Here is 14 Ways to Spend the Day


Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about those who plan on spending Valentine’s Day out of a relationship this year. We have all done it before, some easier than others. Whether you plan on binge watching Netflix in either self-pity or pride, it is entirely up to you as when it comes down to it at the end of the day. Valentine’s is completely made up. Yes, some celebrate the international day of love with chocolates and roses, showering their significant other with love and anything that the stores tell them to buy. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as showing affection and caring for the ones you love is something you should do from time to time. However, we understand that opting not to celebrate the commercialised event and instead, choosing to do something different, is something individuals shouldn’t be afraid to do. Save some money, or don’t, and find an activity to get you through this year’s Valentine’s Day. We are sure you have already got an idea in your head on how you will do it, but just in case, here are an extra few you could try.


  1. Go to the Gym

Exercise is always the best medicine for anyone if you are feeling lonely or just want to keep your mind off things. We aren’t going to bother going into details about it because we are sure that you will have read it somewhere else.


  1. Spend it Like Every Other Day

This idea is just for those who straight up don’t care for the day. Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, so you may have work on both Valentine’s Day and the day after. All you have to do to get through it, is do your job, go home and do what you usually do. Save all the celebrations for the weekend where you can really have some fun.


  1. Wallow

This contradicts what we just said, but for some people, accepting the fact that you are single and just indulging in single activities works best. Binge watching T.V on your couch while wrapped up in a blanket and eating chip and dip is not something you would generally do if you have your significant other there on the day, so why not give it a go. For some, trying to ignore the problem only makes it worse, so it’s better to accept your fate and get on with it because it’s better to get lost in someone else’s love story than to dwell on your own.


  1. Spend it With Friends

Surely you have other friends that don’t plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day (we are so sorry if you don’t) just hang out with them for the day. The whole point of the day is to spend it with people you love, so your friends that have been there with you always, surely fit the criteria. Have a movie night, go out for dinner or just have a cheeky glass or two. Don’t dwell on the fact that you are not in a relationship and instead celebrate the fact that you have such great mates.


  1. Celebrate Your Dog

This one well is something you should kind of do like every day. If you don’t have a significant other, then shower that beloved K-9 of yours. Take your pooch for a walk, give her/him a bath and provide scratches until their legs can’t kick anymore. Just make sure you get photos, so everyone else can appreciate how majestic your dog is too. Don’t have a dog? Then celebrate your cat, your rat, your parrot or goldfish even! Just whatever animal you have. If you don’t have any pet, then please try another option.


  1. Eat

We said in last week’s blog that food is the quickest way to someone’s heart. Well, you don’t need someone else to help you get there. You are an adult, and you can buy, cook and eat your own damn food. So overeat for the day, if that makes you feel better. Put yourself in a food-induced coma and just lie on your bed all night, too scared to move until you fall asleep. Use the day as an excuse to cheat on your diet or to even start one. Just eat your way to happiness.

  1. Catch Up With Someone You Miss

It’s a day about celebrating love, but it doesn’t have to be the love for a significant other or partner. Track down and find out what one of your friends from way back is up to and see if they want to catch up. Rekindle an old friendship and have a cute wee outing for the day.


  1. Visit Your Parents

Go to where you are guaranteed unconditional love. Your parents’ house! Of course, this is dependent on age, but your parents (especially your mum) will always be willing to put up with you and spend some time with you on the day. Go out for lunch or just pop round for a catch-up. They will enjoy the visit and the fact that you chose Valentine’s Day to show them that you love them.


  1. Buy All the Cheap Chocolate You Can

This one is more of a tip than anything else. But Valentine’s day means chocolate and lollies are on special. Take the opportunity stock up for the month and turn Valentine’s Day into an early Easter. Get your discounted sweets and once again, indulge in activities that would be considered taboo in the couple’s world.


  1. Treat Yo Self

You can’t do it often, so use Valentine’s Day as an excuse. Celebrate yourself by purchasing something nice girl! Get that new pair of shoes you want, buy yourself that cute necklace you saw, or just get a loan with NZCU South and book a holiday to Greece. Consider the fact that you don’t have to spend money showing your significant other that you love them and instead spend it on showing how much you love yourself.


  1. Go For a Big Run/Hike

People say it’s never good to run away from your problems, but using them to motivate your running is a different scenario. Try think of the fact that while everyone is indulging in sweets and spending their money, you will be bettering your fitness and making yourself feel good. Valentine’s Day is only one day of the year, and most of the time people will have to deal with the consequences of it for the rest of the week. So use that motivation and push yourself with a long run or hike away from everyone and give yourself some time to clear your head.


  1. Read a Book

Similar to binge-watching your favourite Netflix show, picking up a good book could be the option for you. Stick to the theme of the day and get lost in a romance novel. Focus on someone’s made up love life and avoid thinking of your own. Reading a book could work wonders because having the ability to do it in multiple locations means that you could do it in the comfort of your home or even out in public. Giving you the chance to have Mr Right, bump into you on the day.


  1. Do Stuff a Potential/Ex-Significant Other Would Not Approve of

Now, this isn’t necessarily about holding any grudges or to get back at anyone. But using Valentine’s Day as a day to do the stuff you never used to be allowed to do, is always a great idea. Similar to #3 with Wallowing and indulging in activities that would be considered taboo while in relationships. Go out and do something you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do or better yet, used to not be allowed to do. Think back if you ever had an Ex that wouldn’t let you eat fast food or would force you out of bed each day when you didn’t want to. Make up for those times and feel some freedom on the day as you can celebrate yourself and do the things you love to do.


  1. Remember the Fact That the Day is Made Up

This one pretty much can be applied to all our other ideas, remember that Valentine’s Day is entirely made up! Yes, it’s good to celebrate love and all, but you can do that on any of the other 364 days of the year. You don’t have to feel obligated to do it on February 14th just because all the stores are telling you to. Ignore all the promotional hype and just carry on as usual. All you are doing is saving your wallet and hard earned cash. Celebrate love when you want and worry about celebrating a different holiday that you know you’ll enjoy. Like St Patties day, now that one is always fun!