Shrink Your Heating Costs While Keeping Warm This Winter

Reduce your electricity bill

As Winter sets in and the temperatures drop, it’s time to adapt our lifestyles accordingly. So pull out the slow cooker for some hearty meals, bring out your winter coats, and read these tips to help reduce your electricity bill, which invariable tends to go up at this time of year.

We know that the bills that come with heating, tumble dryers, extra clothes and more, can all feel a bit overwhelming. So we put the question out to our NZCU South community – we wanted to know their tips for keeping winter costs as low as possible. And (as always), they were great! They provided us with some ingenious ideas to reduce your electricity bill, ranging from energy efficiency with home heating systems, to winter clothes and other practical ideas on how to save electricity in winter.

Too good to keep to ourselves, we’re sharing their tips with you here.

Wrap Up!

  • Put on another layer of clothes, especially wool.
  • Wearing thermals helps keep body heat up. If you don’t have thermals another singlet and shorts under your clothes with good woolly socks does wonders. This comfortable temperature helps reduce the sudden impact of the cold outside while your body adjusts.
  • Wear a beanie and socks to maintain your body warmth.

Step It Up

  • Go for a brisk walk when you get up – you can do this even if you need an umbrella!
  • I find if I have done some exercise I stay warmer all day.

Save On Electricity

  • Use the slow cooker to reduce your electricity bill.
  • Change your power setup so hot water heats on night rates.
  • Heat one room with doors closed, then open them at bedtime to heat all the rooms up.
  • Dry washing under a heat pump instead of dryer.
  • Use a hot water bottle and extra blankets.
  • Keep hot soup and boiling water in a thermos.
  • Put bubble wrap on large windows – this saves heating costs, and costs next to nothing to do.
  • Use a low watt heater before using heat pump (a heat pump uses more power).
  • Boil a kettle and store the hot water in thermos.
  • Make sure you turn off things in the rooms that you’re not using. This saves power.
  • Set washing machine to run at night while power is cheaper, and washing is then ready to hang in the morning.
  • Wear bed socks instead of using an electric blanket – they’re so cosy and you’ll lose less body heat.
  • Turn down the hot water cylinder to approx 50 degrees, and use a gas heater in the living room.
  • Turn off ovens and microwaves when not in use

Winter-Proof Your House

  • We’ve just had our windows double glazed, so are waiting to see if that helps with lower heating bills.
  • If you can’t afford window insulation, use bubble wrap.
  • Use large floor rugs to block the cold coming up through the floor.
  • Use thermal curtains and shut them about 5:00pm to lock in the heat.
  • Shut all doors in the house and use draft stoppers (the long variety) at the bottom of the doors. When you go to bed open your bedroom so the heat can transfer.
  • Hang the washing in the car shed, where it will dry within two days.
  • Put an extra blanket underneath you when you sleep (the more layers you have underneath you, the warmer you’ll be).
  • Open your windows in the morning to allow all the damp air to escape.
  • Crank the fire up to dry washing.
  • Heat and occupy only one room (when you’re not in bed).

Winter Money Management

  • Over the summer, put a little away into your bill pay account each week. While this won’t really reduce your electricity bill, it will help to cover the extra winter costs.

We hope you’ve found these tips as valuable as we did, and they help keep both you and your savings snug this Winter.

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