Pull the trigger and feed your inner travel bug

Already one month deep into 2019. Holidays by-gone, Christmas dinner and New Year festivities seem a distant memory, and for many all we have to show for it is a credit card balance that is burgeoning at the seams. For more on consolidating debt and taking control of your personal finance situation be sure to read; How do you feel about debt?, 7 Benefits of a Debt Consolidation Loan or even test out our debt consolidation calculator. The purpose of this piece is to initiate thought and planning toward your next holiday. Where to next? That far-off destination you have longed to visit? A location closer to home? A family adventure? Romantic rendezvous? A lads, or girls trip with a group of mates? It’s time to pull the trigger and make the big call. Where are you planning on travelling in 2019? Better yet, when’s it happening and crucially, how are you going to make it happen? Stop waiting, stalling, putting-off, delaying and making excuses. Now is the time. Have no regrets and simply put, do it.


You’ve got every intention and desire to travel the globe. You’re not alone here. The better question is, how are we going to make it happen? Sun-kissed beaches, exotic escapes and far-off destinations set to please, feeding your inner travel-bug is a habit that certainly doesn’t come cheap. Not all of us are afforded the luxury of a wealthy great-Aunt, the luck of winning Lotto or a big-time collect via scratchies or at the TAB. It’s time to make some changes to your habits here. Overlooking your gambling ways, we can attack your travel ambitions one of two ways. Or a combination of both. One way could be to adopt a savings strategy in partnership with an all-important budget. Steadying the ship, this can set you on a path to fast-track your savings, giving you ample funds to book your next holiday. For more on savings options with NZCU South check out our range to help you on your way to fulfilling travel goals and dreams.   Another strategy to adopt, particularly for those of us who have less patience is to apply for a specialised, holiday loan. Doing so gives you the funds right away meaning you can achieve your travel ambitions ASAP. Making it happen sooner rather than later. Then, comes the task of paying back your loan in simple, regular repayments. There are costs and benefits to either approach. To help make the decision, it’s time to determine whether you are ready for a loan or not?

Package deals or a do-it-yourself experience?

We’ve got the financing strategy side of the holiday sorted. Now comes the organisation of the finer details. This is where the fun starts.  Are you seeking a package deal or a do-it-yourself experience? You can make the case for either option. Perhaps even include both as part of your experience. Many package deals will allow you to see all the major tourist attractions and hot-spots as part of a tour group. You meet new people, bus-hop and generally do not have to worry about organsing accommodation.  Often these packages are great money-savers and depending on where you are travelling, give you flexible freedom to experience areas yourself instead of prescribing to a set itinerary. Also with this type of approach, you often pay a set amount up-front and do not have to worry about an overload of additional payments throughout the trip besides food and recreational spending money. With a do-it-yourself approach, you have the opportunity to venture off the beaten track. All the responsibility falls on you. You have the control and freedom to go wherever you please. This way you may be able to better plan where and when you want to visit certain places, and you will not feel as controlled throughout. It may pay to set yourself a well-planned budget here as costs may snowball and get out of hand. It would be recommended to do your research and seek the best option for you. A one-size-fits-all approach does not necessarily hold true for all travel-bugs. 

Why wait?

You’re not getting any younger. Now is the time to make the steps necessary to plan and execute your perfect holiday. Perhaps the lure of an escape from a New Zealand winter is beckoning or a 2019 Christmas/New Year getaway is on the cards?  Now is the time to plan your next adventure. Be patient, it will take time to prepare and save for your holiday. And if finances do prove an issue why not apply for a personal loan to allow you to see the world, experiencing and achieving the travel goals you have dreamt of. Make 2019 the year you finally make the call, grab your passport, your boarding pass and take off.