The Psychology Of Money And How To Save It


The Psychology Of Money And How To Save It

Tax RefundWe asked our community recently what they’d most like to read about, and the resounding answer was for advice on how to save and manage their money.

The more we researched, the more opportunities revealed themselves. We realised the volume of hints and tips we were gathering would never fit into one article.

And so we bring to you a series on how to save money. We’ll show you ways to save money at home and how to save when shopping (contradictory as that sounds). We’ll also discuss how to save money in an ethical way that saves the environment at the same time. We’ll have a look at how you can save money but still enjoy an active and social lifestyle. But before we approach any of these we need to understand our approach to saving money. How we perceive its influence in our lives, how confident we are to take control of it to do what’s necessary to save it.