Loyalty Saver

Easy access to affordable loans.

Enjoy the best deal on loans by starting an NZCU Loyalty Saver.

The NZCU South Loyalty Saver account in a mandatory account to all NZCU South members as the shares in the NZCU South Loyalty Saver account entitles you to being a part owner of NZCU South.

  • Savings as security to give you access to affordable loans.
  • Provides you the opportunity to save regular amounts.
  • Ideal account for long term savings.
  • Makes you a Shareholder and part owner of NZCU South

Ideal for Savings, the NZCU South Loyalty Saver account rewards those who make continued contributions by offering low interest rate loans that are secured against your own savings

All members 18 years and over (other than term share or call (Success Saver) only investors) must operate a Loyalty Saver account and contribute the equivalent of $5.00 (i.e. deposit $5) a week to this account.

Loyalty Saver shows your ability to save regularly and you can use your savings as collateral if you need to get a NZCU South loan.

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