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Secured travel loans from 9.9% p.a* tailored to suit your budget.

When and where do you want to take your next holiday? It’s one of them questions that we all have an answer for and harbour grand ambitions and dreams toward. Often holiday finance is the final hurdle holding us back. It’s time to finally make your getaway dreams a reality. Ever considered a travel loan? Apply for your NZCU South holiday loans online now Search for holiday loans online and you will be faced with numerous holiday finance and travel loan options – almost as widespread as there are travel deals out there. From airline companies offering special-rate flights through to a bundle of accommodation deals all set to appeal and tempt our inner travel-bug and travel demands. Organising travel can be a stressful, demanding task. From organising flights and accommodation, sights to see and explore, passports and more. You can certainly see how there is a need for holiday finance to fund and back us every step of the way as we are jet-setting around the globe. We are here to help. Our friendly staff can sort a travel loan for you, to ensure smooth sailing/flying/driving, whatever your mode of transport to guarantee you experience the getaway you deserve, without any holiday finance doubts or reservations.

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What are the terms and conditions of a personal loan?

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TFor more information on NZCU South’s Lending process, please read our Loan Agreement (General Terms) and our Loan Agreement (Specific Terms).
How much will a $10,000 personal loan cost you? Below is an example of a $10,000 personal loan at 13.95% p.a.  Please talk to us about your requirements and we will cater your loan to suit your needs. The loan application fee of $250.00 and loan security fee of $50.00 (if applicable) are added to the loan.  In this example the interest rate is 13.95% p.a. and the repayment amount is $100.00 per week.  The term of the personal loan is for 2 years and 4 months. The total interest is $1765.43, and the total cost of the loan is $12,065.43.  The Finance Rate / Annual Percentage Rate (API) is 16.648% p.a. (includes fees)

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