Loan Top Up

Find out how easy it is to top up your existing NZCU South personal loan.

In order to top up your existing NZCU South personal loan, all you need to do is apply through our online application form. The process is the same as last time and your application will be accessed and a credit enquiry will be made. The best thing about getting additional funds through the same lending provider is the fact that you have more of a chance of getting your loan approved as the provider knows your credit history. We then work with you to personalise your repayment amount and terms, so you can get the things you need, with a repayment plan that suits your current budget. We understand that things change and that everything doesn’t always go to plan. So you can adjust your NZCU South loan anytime you want. You may also wish to wish to protect yourself from the stress of repaying your loan in the event of the unexpected with loan repayment insurance. Having loan repayment insurance for your NZCU South personal loan can help cover you if any unexpected changes such as; redundancy, illness, trauma, disability or bankruptcy occurs.

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Just give us a call on 0800 Lend2U (0800 536 328) to speak with one of the NZCU South team or do the online application yourself. Put in the amount you wish to top up and the repayment option you wish to use, and our team will be in touch to work with and make the adjustments that works best for you.

Things you should know…

What are the terms and conditions of a personal loan?

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How much will a $15,000 personal loan cost?
When applying for a credit loan it’s important to consider all of the costs involved.

Below is an example of the total costs included over the term of a secured vehicle loan:

$15,000 personal borrowing
+ $250 approval fee
+ $36.51 third party charges (credit check, vehicle check and registering security over vehicle)

Set up over a term of 3 years (157 weeks) at 9.9% p.a. interest = weekly repayments of $112.74. 
You can check out our Personal Loan FAQ page for more information.