Who is debt consolidation for?

Is debt consolidation for you?

Why get a debt consolidation loan
Debt consolidation is for people who want to refinance various debts into one loan.  Reasons for debt consolidation are lower interest rates, wanting to make budgeting easier and being committed to not signing up to any more debt.  Payments are usually smaller so debt consolidation can free up extra funds to help out with other financial goals. People who are struggling with too many commitments find debt consolidation can de-stress their lives.  After consolidating debt people end up dealing with one organisation and one repayment instead of dealing with many organisations and payments.

Having your finances under control

The relief of having your finances under control helps focus on the important things in life.  Financial stress can affect all areas of people’s life from their work to their personal lives.  Getting assistance to consolidate debt and change spending habits can help people enjoy a better life. If you have two or more debts, it may be a good time to look to combine these into one simple debt consolidation loan.  When you consolidate your debt, you know the total debt that you owe. It may be a shock to add up all of your debts but a debt consolidation will help you see the total of all of your debt, and this can help you to become more disciplined with your spending.

Stress free

Debt consolidation simplifies your life as you will only receive one regular statement for one loan instead of many.  Physiologically this helps with stress levels. Consolidating your debt will help sort out a part of your life that has been time-consuming to manage your debt and stressful. Debt consolidation is for people who want to take control of their finances and become financially stronger.  The relief of knowing you are the right track is enough for some people to take action and put better plans in place for a better future. For more information on ‘Who is debt consolidation for?’ or to apply for an NZCU South Debt Consolidation Loan:

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