Who should Invest?

Should I Invest in Term Deposits?

At its simplest, anyone. Anyone can and should consider investment. The purpose of investment is about putting our income into assets that have the potential to increase our wealth. This is achieved as interest is incurred and our investment grows in value. It’s a way for your money to work for you with minimal effort exerted.

Are you in KiwiSaver? If so, then you are already an investor.

To increase your investment portfolio (what and where we decide to invest) it pays to increase your understanding surrounding investment. Check out the advantages of a term deposit. To determine your investor type check out  https://sorted.org.nz/tools/investor-kickstarter


Before making a decision to invest it would be advised to consider the following;

  • Do your homework; like any major decision, it pays to do your research first. Compare and contrast the options available to you and what is going to suit your personal finance situation, today and in the future. If you require further information regarding investment opportunities with NZCU South and our competitive rates click here
  • Additional source of income; depending on one stream of income ie wages/salary comes with risk. What if you lost a job, experienced ill-health or found yourself in a position of difficulty? Investing spreads the risk so you establish another reliable source of income.
  • Are you prepared? Is investing the best option for you now? Would you be better off repaying credit card debt, student loans or even chipping away at the mortgage? All factors to consider before making the call to invest in your future.
  • Assess your current situation; Similar to the previous point. Do you have the patience to set aside your money in a long term investment? Or would a short term investment be more suited to your investor personality? Do you have savings set aside? How much can you afford to invest? And finally what level of risk are you willing to take on when it comes to a decision to invest?
  • Set yourself a goal; you need to have a purpose behind any personal finance decision. When it comes to investment this certainly holds true. What is the end outcome you are hoping to achieve through your decision to invest?

One of the main reasons why you should consider investment is the ability to use this fund as a means to save for a purpose. A vehicle upgrade, holiday overseas, your first home deposit or even putting aside funds for retirement. Investment allows your nest egg to grow over time. Once matured you can use your investment to finally achieve your long-aspired personal finance goals and ambitions.


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