Advantages of a Term Deposit

Could a term deposit be right for you? A term deposit is a form of investment paying interest. Where your hard-earned money is invested for a fixed term and you receive a fixed rate of interest over a defined period. Essentially, an opportunity for you to step back and watch as your money grows.


Let’s take a look at why a term deposit with NZCU South may be the best investment strategy for you.

  • Return on Investment: Your investment will earn interest at a fixed rate. Investing is an appealing option for thoughtful, cautious savers.
  • Time: Short term investment versus long term. You can select the time frame you want to invest.
  • Low-Maintenance: Once you have made your investment you cannot withdraw the funds (without penalty) until the term has expired. Sit back and watch your money grow.
  • Low-volatility: Compared to other investment strategies (provide link here to Term Investments vs Other Investments) a term deposit is an option which is not effected by market rates. This means if market interest rates are slumping, then you will keep earning the same level of interest throughout the entirety of the term deposit
  • Reward the patient investor: Good things come to those who wait right? By resisting the temptation to spend now, instead putting your nest egg aside in a term deposit, you are presenting yourself an opportunity to meet future financial goals. It could be the purchase of a new vehicle, an overseas holiday or a deposit on a home loan. A decision to invest is a strategic one. One that rewards the patient, long-term planner and sets you on a path to achieve your long-aspired personal finance goals.


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