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Term Deposit Term Deposit

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Advantages of a Term Deposit Advantages of a Term Deposit

Could a term deposit be right for you? A term deposit is a form of investment paying interest. Where your hard-earned money is invested for a fixed term and you receive a fixed rate of interest over a defined period. Essentially, an opportunity for you to step back and watch as your money grows.   […]

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Who should Invest? Who should Invest?

At its simplest, anyone. Anyone can and should consider investment. The purpose of investment is about putting our income into assets that have the potential to increase our wealth. This is achieved as interest is incurred and our investment grows in value. It’s a way for your money to work for you with minimal effort […]

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Term Investments vs Other Investments Term Investments vs Other Investments

An investment is an action of depositing money or acquiring capital with the goal of collecting income of financial gains. A term investment is simply an investment but set over a fixed. A term investment is when you deposit a lump sum of money to a bank or credit union for a fixed term so […]

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