Planning Your Perfect NZ Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an exciting time. A memorable, grand occasion to host family and friends to celebrate one of the biggest, if not the biggest day of your life. Essentially the biggest party of your life. A special moment that requires significant planning to ensure every little detail is perfect. Planning your dream wedding is an exciting experience, yet it can be a stressful time with wedding financing often anxiety-inducing with all the costs of the big day.

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How much does a classic kiwi wedding cost?

$35,000. Yes, you read that right. An intimidating figure for the uninitiated but when you break it down you can see how every dollar is accounted for. Not all weddings have to be big, grand affairs yet even a modest, intimate gathering of close friends and family is still going to require dedicated planning and budgeting to ensure smooth sailing on your perfect day.
Now we know the average cost of a wedding in NZ, we can now turn our attention to smart ways to maximise your budget when it comes to wedding planning.


1. Do your research

It’s a given really. Wedding costs will vary based on a range of factors; the venue, number of guests, catering, alcohol, vehicles & transport, attire, photography, flowers and décor, music and entertainment, celebrant among others. Gauge an understanding through comparing costs with friends or family who have recently wed, quotes from vendors as to ballpark figures for your budget that can work for you.


2. Don’t go overboard

Yes, it is your big day, a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity and you want the whole nine yards experience. But, you also have to be mindful of the mounting costs and the recovery following the wedding. You don’t want to start your married life in the red. And you want to best avoid any disagreement surrounding finances immediately following your wedding. Think of your wedding as an important event, requiring the utmost planning and consideration to a well-managed, strategically crafted budget. There is often the temptation to think of a wedding as an unavoidable, extravagant, frivolous occasion where you need to splash out to enjoy the moment and showcase the big day. This isn’t always the case.


3. Slash the guest list

Getting into the nitty-gritty, it’s time to make the big calls regarding your guest list. Simply culling one or two guests and their partners, will save you big time in terms of food & beverages and all the other bits and bobs that encompass being on the attendance list. Now to determine who is and who is not invited to your big day. A recommendation could be to rank your potential roll-call of guests into groups such as ‘close family’, ‘close friends’, ‘other friends’, ‘distant relatives’, and so on. Then depending on who you deem important (and who fits into the budget) make the decision as to who makes the cut.


4. Avoid Saturdays

No, not because the game is on Saturday. Generally speaking Saturday is the most popular and highly demanded day to get married. Wedding vendors recognise this and therefore place a premium price on Saturday weddings. Simply due to plain supply and demand. Look at Friday or Sunday options to save on your wedding. However be prepared to expect a few RSVP ‘no’s’ if this is the route you take.


5. Don’t compare yourself to the Joneses

Initially we said do your research and compare costs with friends and family who have recently got married. Gauge quotes and ballpark figures for what made their day so special. Now, we say take these points on board but don’t necessarily replicate their wedding. You are unique. You do not need to copy Just because Mr & Mrs A got a horse and carriage to the big show and had doves flying as they exited the carriage, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Think outside the box. Make your wedding unique to you and yours. The big takeaway from your wedding should be the memories created and captured, not the debt created.


Final say; Be smart around finance

You don’t need all the bells and whistles for the perfect wedding. Nor do you want to be too constricted with your budget and one day reflect and regret on what more you could have done on your wedding day. Ensure significant planning and saving but at the same time consider the options available to you, to help finance your dream wedding. Talk to family first about the budget, then consider your alternatives; putting it on the credit card is one option, but you will be stung with lofty interest rates. An alternative is a specialised wedding loan, tailored to finance the classic kiwi wedding. The one of your dreams. That’s where we step in.

We appreciate that wedding financing is a challenge and a stressful time. And we are here to help. Wedding loans ensure the challenge is managed, and stress minimised as much as possible. We cannot ensure a faultless, clean-cut best man’s speech but we can ensure your wedding financing ambitions are taken care of.

A wedding loan with NZCU South provides you confidence and comfort with a seamless transition from day one of planning through to the ceremony and beyond to ensure you have the unforgettable, dream wedding you deserve.
Now to start planning the honeymoon.