Personal Finance Questions to ask yourself

Is debt on your mind? Splurge vs save; are you over-indulging, feel as if you are treating yourself a bit too regularly? Perhaps you are not even aware of your current financial situation or aware of the financial mishaps that are present in your day-to-day routine. Do you know how much debt you have owing? How about, how much savings you have aside? Could you afford to increase this amount? Do you have an emergency fund, in case the proverbial hits the fan? Do you live beyond your means, spending more in a given timeframe, than you earn?


So many questions to ponder. Financial understanding is not simply dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. But it doesn’t have to always be complicated. Set yourself on the path to success and ask yourself these questions, and ask them often to ensure you can rectify your situation and stay in control and on the path to financial freedom.



More questions to consider…

Concerning debt

Do you have control over your debt? Better question, are you in debt – or do you know how much debt you have owing? Many of us do not have a grasp on the degree of debt we have holding us back. Take stock. Determine the varying streams of debt we have placed on us and the amount owing. For many, debt can spiral out of control if we are not careful and we do not take the necessary action to resolve past behaviour. Do you consider your behaviour toward debt with an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude? If so, it would be advised to shift this mindset so you can have a better control on your personal finance situation. Debt needs to be given attention, your attention for you to maintain control.


Struggling to dig your way out of debt? How many of the following habits sound familiar?

  • You’re often late or fail to make credit card payments?
  • You fail to pay off your credit card in full each month?
  • You use credit cards to pay for everyday expenses such as petrol and supermarket bills?
  • You cover one source of credit by borrowing from another?
  • You worry about the level of debt you have accrued?
  • You are unaware of the amount of total debt you have owing?
  • You find your contributions to your savings fund suffer due to your efforts to repay debt?

If you find yourself answering yes to many of the above questions, now may be the time to enact change. To face the facts and look to make a change to you personal finance behaviours. Money management is paramount and the need for control is of vital importance here.


Acknowledging you have a problem surrounding debt is the first step. Taking action to resolve the matter is what will set you apart from the rest and allow you to re-gain control of your finances.

Here are some steps you can take to make this happen;



If you do find you are confronted with multiple streams of debt and are struggling to overcome debt, consider a debt consolidation loan. The purpose of which is to simplify debt for you, placing all streams of debt into one, easy-to-manage loan, with one regular payment to make. Much simpler. Think of it as the final step in dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s to resolve your debt dilemma.


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