Online Statements vs Printed Statements – Which Is Best For You?

Online StatementsDo you prefer to get your statements online, or printed the old fashioned way and delivered to your door?  For most, electronic statements are the preferred choice. We thought we’d take a closer look at why people are moving towards receiving online statements.

Is it time to get your statements online, or better to stay with paper?

Increasingly, and encouragingly, there’s a worldwide movement towards changing habits that damage our planet.  From hybrid cars to the banning of plastic bags, there is no end to the small actions we can take daily, that contribute to the sustainability of the world we live in.

Account statements – digital or printed?

You might still receive paper statements that are posted to you frequently, and we’re wondering if you’ve considered the move to digital statements.  We understand that for some people paper is the preferred choice, and we wanted to understand why.

Paper statements – why are they still around?

While paper accounts are increasingly considered to be outdated, having the actual piece of paper can help remind you to pay your bill. Leaving it in a prominent place can jog your memory, and it can be useful being able to write notes on it if there’s something about its payment that you need to reference or remember.

While it’s effective to set an email reminder for an electronic bill, it can be complicated for some people.  Even technological gurus can overlook important emails when your electronic mailbox has a stream of incoming emails everyday. However, there are numerous ways that phones and computers to be set up so that all information is in a central place, is organised and accessible. Reminders can be scheduled, and with a multitude of banking apps available.

Online statements: the benefits

  • Possibly the most obvious benefits are that you’re doing your bit for the environment.  Online statements are sustainable and economical.
  • There is less clutter and piles of paper; streamline your life by managing your money digitally
  • Easy access; it’s simpler to view a statement online that it is to rummage through paper.  You’re also able to view your account statement from anywhere (especially if you have a smart phone or tablet), you’re not restricted to the physical location of a printed statement.

NZCU South’s SaveMail

Savemail is an online facility that allows you to view, download and manage all of your NZCU South account statements.  Click here to apply, or to enquire further.


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