NZCU South is proud to sponsor TradeQual

NZCU South is proud to be the principal sponsor of the TradeQual event held annually in Invercargill.  The event celebrates the success and achievements of Southland’s Trade training graduates and the contributions made by their employers and Industry Training Organisations.

TradeQual Southland hosts an annual graduation dinner and presentation evening to acknowledge the efforts and contribution of the trades industry, including:

  • the achievement of newly qualified trades people
  • employer’s contributions towards ‘on the job’ training
  • relevant Industry Trade Training organisation
  • the value of the trades for the regional economy

TradeQual is an evening of celebration and includes an official dinner with entertainment. TradeQual is designed to up-market the ‘trades’ for professional career options and help present the area of trades with a deserving higher public perception.

During the evening, a certificate is presented on behalf of the business community by the three Mayors of Southland and the President of the Chamber of Commerce to all the graduates that attend the event.

To be eligible, graduates must:

  • have graduated within the year of presentation with a NZQA level 4 qualification or deemed equivalent
  • be currently working with a domiciled Southland employer
  • be associated to the building, construction, infrastructural or their supportive trades or other additional trades as determined by the Southland Chamber of Commerce

NZCU South is proud to be involved with TradeQual and acknowledge the achievement of the graduates and the employers.