AccessCard Overseas Transactions

We want to advise you that from Monday, 1 April 2019 your NZCU South AccessCard will not work overseas due to a Mastercard change, but your AccessCard will continue to work in New Zealand. READ MORE…

Announcement: 2019 Young Member Scholarship Recipients

The 2019 NZCU South Young Member Scholarship recipients have been announced. Congratulations to our three deserved recipients. NZCU South was overwhelmed with the response of entries, with the range and overall talent presented making the final selections a very difficult task. If you wish to find out more about our scholarship recipients please follow the link below: 2019 NZCU South Young Member Scholarship recipients

Dunedin Branch Relocation

Change of address for NZCU South Dunedin branch.

An exciting New Year initiative is the move from our Filleul Street location in Dunedin of 17 years to a new site at 115 George Street. The date for opening is Monday 28 January, 2019.


TaxCheck To Be Discontinued

Tax Check to be discontinued

NZCU South TaxCheck to be discontinued.

From Monday, 1 October 2018 NZCU South’s TaxCheck will be discontinued.  NZCU South have developed a relationship with Woohoo who are an established and reputable provider that can provide services to you if you require.



NZCU South Supports Money Week

NZCU South is proud is be participating in this year’s, Sorted Money Week.

This year Money Week is shining its focus on financial resilience and how New Zealanders can weather a financial shock. It is important that we know how to bounce back from an emergency as we can’t always predict when a financial storm is coming.



Life-changing Experience for NZCU South Scholarship Winner

The 2018 NZCU South Young Member Scholarships were awarded in January, 2018. Indigo Poynton-LevettTuihana Taiaroa-Smithies and Thomas Sexton were this year’s deserving recipients, with each receiving $5,000 to assist in achieving their goals and aspirations. We catch up with Indigo Poynton-Levett to find out how the NZCU Scholarship has helped her experience a life-changing journey,  learning and performing at the illustrious Globe Theatre, London while also travelling throughout Europe.

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2018 Rule changes and Director Remuneration Voting

Your 56th Annual General Meeting will be held at 5:45 p.m. Thursday, 27 September 2018, at Hagley Oval Pavilion, Level 1, Hadlee Lounge, 63 Riccarton Ave, Christchurch.

To register your attendance at the 2018 AGM: Email the Secretary at or respond in writing to: The Secretary NZCU South PO Box 6294 Dunedin 9059.

The Credit Union South Board has contracted, New Zealand’s leading independent election management company, to manage its election process.

This year’s election will be carried out by online voting.  Please click here to vote. (You should have received your login details via email, or if we don’t have your email address you would have received these via mail)



Your Story; Theresa

“Buying my new car which I love has been an enjoyable experience and without the team at NZCU South this wouldn’t be  possible, so thank you.”

For long time NZCU South member Theresa the time was right to buy a new car. The costs and maintenance of the old vehicle were mounting up so the call was made to approach NZCU South. An easy decision to help Theresa get a car that is reliable, fuel efficient and something has a little extra grunt.


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Win With NZCU South AccessMobile

Our NZCU South banking App will enable you to manage your money, anywhere, anytime!

Register for NZCU South internet banking and download the NZCU South banking App to go into the draw to win a Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Smartphone.

Campaign runs from Monday, 23 July – Sunday 30 September 2018. All members who are signed up to NZCU South AccessMobile App will be in the draw to win. Winner drawn Monday, 1 October 2018.

Scam Phone Call Warning

Scam Phone Call Warning

Some of our members have been victim to scammer calls, and we would like to ensure you are aware of these calls and how to protect your account. These scammers are very sophisticated in their approach to steal money from individuals, and we want you to be always on alert when you receive calls from unknown or blocked phone numbers or an unusual phone call that appears to be from a trusted phone number.

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Maori Hill Juniors kicking it with the best at International Football Tournament

NZCU South is proud to sponsor one of the 9th Grade Maori Hill Junior Football teams. 

After weeks of regular competition in the local Dunedin league, the 9th Grade Maori Hill Junior Football team recently tested themselves with a step up to the International Christchurch Football Tournament. Read on to see how the boys got on.


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Marcos Jr’s Family Holiday Made Possible

Marcos Jr’s family holiday is now possible thanks to our services.

Marcos Jr and his family applied for an NZCU South personal loan in June 2018 in order to secure their current financial position. They were overwhelmed with joy when they received confirmation that their loan was approved as it meant that their dreams of traveling back home together was now possible…

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$3,000 Grocery Voucher Difference-Maker for Dunedin Winner

Congratulations Sharon Williams, winner of the NZCU South ‘$3000 Grocery Voucher’ loan promotion.

The promotion was open to any NZCU South customer who took out a personal loan between 1 April 2018 and 30 June 2018. Drawn on Monday 2 July, Sharon is a long-time NZCU South member who will benefit greatly from the $3,000 voucher bonus.

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NZCU Scholarship Providing Opportunities for Youth to Perform on World Stage


The 2018 NZCU South Young Member Scholarships were awarded in January, 2018. Indigo Poynton-Levett, Tuihana Taiaroa-Smithies and Thomas Sexton were this year’s deserving recipients, with each receiving $5,000 to assist in achieving their goals and aspirations. The scholarships have allowed the opportunity for the three recipients to recognise their potential, competing on an International Stage, both in the performing arts field and in the sporting arena. Let’s see how 2018 has fared so far for our Young Member Scholarship winners.

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Co-op Money Oracle Press Release

We have laid down the foundation with our Oracle upgrade and we have our eyes now set on our next strategic initiative.

Co-op Money NZ Interim Chief Executive Jonathan Lee comments, “The successful migration for NZCU South is our third deployment of Oracle Flexcube. This highlights our strong expertise in delivering IT projects to financial organisations of different sizes and complexity. Well done NZCU South.”.

If you wish to read the full press release please click here.

If you have any questions about your new banking system please contact us on 0800 696 636.


NZCU South Young Member Scholarship

Congratulations to each of the winners of the 2018 NZCU South Young Member Scholarships. Indigo Poynton, Tuihana Taioroa-Smithies and Thomas Sexton, are each recipients of the NZCU South Young Member Scholarship and will each receive $5000 to assist them in achieving their goals and aspirations.

If you wish to find out more about our recipients, please click the link below:

NZCU South Young Members

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting

Your 56th Annual General Meeting will be held on: Thursday, 27 September 2018, at Hagley Oval Pavilion, Level 1, Hadlee Lounge, 63 Riccarton Ave, Christchurch.
To register your attendance at the 2018 AGM
: Email the Secretary at or respond in writing to: The Secretary NZCU South PO Box 6294 Dunedin 9059.

Call for Nominations for the 2018 Board of Credit Union South
The Credit Union South Board has contracted, New Zealand’s leading independent election management company, to manage its election process. This year’s election will be carried out by online voting.

Board Vacancy – Elected by Members for 2018
This year, Director Peter McKnight retires by rotation creating one vacancy. Peter McKnight is eligible for re-election and has advised the Board that he intends to re-stand. The vacancy is for a three year term.



The Board, through the services of the Nominations Committee, is looking to secure stability and consistency at a board level. In-depth experience in the following competencies are important for the board to fulfil its ongoing responsibilities:

 Banking, Treasury and related Finance Experience
 Technology within the Financial Sector
 Strategic Marketing
 Strategy and Organisational Development
 Governance Experience

Expressions of interest or for further information, please contact us on:
Phone 0800 666 031 ( toll free helpline)

Nominations for 2018 Board Elections: Candidate Nomination Forms and Guidelines will be available to download from the opening date at:

Nominations open: 06 June 2018
Nominations close: 5pm, 27 June 2018

Returning Officer
Warwick Lampp – NZCU South 2018 Board Elections
0800 666 031

Banking System Upgrade at Easter Weekend


NZCU South is proud to announce your new banking system will go live on Easter Monday, 2 April 2018. Over Easter EFTPOS and ATM transactions will be available but members WILL NOT have access  to mobile banking, internet banking or phone banking from Good Friday evening until Easter Monday morning. It is important that you read this information so you are up to date with the changes to your account. If you have any questions please contact us on 0800 696 636. For further info click here



Notice for Invercargill Members – South City ATM

The South City Invecargill ATM is back in action.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the non-operational period.


Select CHQ


Important Change

Transition to our new banking system in 2018 may see a change for some of you when selecting the account option at ATM’s or EFTPOS Terminals.

If you are currently selecting ‘SAV’ you will now need to select ‘CHQ’.

For those members who have access to two different accounts with your Accesscard or Accessdebit Card the CHQ/SAV options for you will not change.


Notice to Members – Insurance

Credit Union South (NZCU South) has received notice from Co-op Insurance Limited that it would cease providing insurance services to NZCU South. This will commence from 20 March 2018.   Read More….

Merry Christmas from NZCU South

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas spells out love, hope and joy.

May this Christmas bring your way plenty of reasons to smile.

We wish you and your family a very happy and joyous Christmas season.

Merry Christmas Foster Hope Otago

All these presents have us super excited for Christmas! We had our Christmas Elves working overtime to arrange a bundle of presents to be donated to the children of Foster Hope Otago. Through the generous donations of our Dunedin staff, we managed to get a variety of gifts that will be wrapped up and given to the children on Christmas Day. NZCU South are proud supporters  of Foster Hope – Otago and we encourage all of our members to go check out their Facebook page and support them too.

Notice for Invercargill Members – South City ATM

Unfortunately our South City ATM is currently out of action due to circumstances beyond our control.

The good news is a new machine will be installed in February 2018.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank your for your patience in this matter.

TradeQual 2017

As primary sponsor of TradeQual, NZCU South would like to Congratulate all TradeQual Graduates, and thank all family and friends who attended the Graduation Dinner on Friday 10 November. A special thanks to guest speaker Rodney Lonneker, owner-operator of Pankhurst Sawmilling who inspired with his own story detailing study of 3 trades over a 10 year period. Congratulations all TradeQual Graduates!

Comprehensive Credit Reporting; the Nuts & Bolts

A credit score is fundamentally your financial CV that tells whether you are worthy of taking on credit. A Comprehensive Credit Report is a balanced review of your credit history looking at both the negative and the positive. This is good news if you’re wanting to apply for credit, which you will almost inevitably do at some point.


Need to Improve Your Credit Score? A Debt Consolidation Loan Might Be Your Saviour

A debt consolidation loan, which is a loan that consolidates your debt into one easy manageable loan, could be the tool that could help you improve your credit score.


Credit Score; your form guide. Would you back yourself?

Your Credit Score matters. Whether you are facing the prospect of applying for a mortgage for your first home, indeed a personal loan, credit card or even a new job, your credit score tells the story of you. A credit score provides an account of your history, dependability and control. Effectively, whether you are worthy in the eyes of financial institutions, prospective landlords, and employers alike when deciding to offer you credit, a tenancy, or even a job.


Avoid the New Year Hangover With a Debt Consolidation Loan

Christmas presents, New Year accommodation, travel expenses and slush funds. It’s these expenses that we are preparing for as the joyous holiday season fast approaches. With all these cost burdens falling at once, we tend to reach out to our credit cards and debit cards to help us through. But relying on this option alone, doesn’t always pay off.


DIY This Summer? Here’s 7 Money Saving Tips You Should Know

With summer around the corner and Christmas fast approaching, we are getting into that time of year where we decide our kitchen isn’t quite doing it for us now, or the colour of our house doesn’t look right anymore. That’s right. We are transitioning into the traditional Kiwi DIY season.


7 Gram-Worthy North Island Destinations for the Summer Holiday You Deserve

It’s now time to identify our 7 go-to, Gram-Worthy North Island destinations for the holiday season. So fill the chilly-bin, load up the car and hit the road with your favourite playlist raging throughout. Whether you are with your mates or family, surfing or sun-bathing, call it a bach or a crib, it’s time to experience the best of summer, creating lasting memories along the way.


7 Gram-Worthy South Island Destinations for the Summer Holiday You Deserve

The mercury is rising, barbeques lighting up, backyard cricket battles, sun, sand, and sunscreen. And of course, god-awful Christmas carols are playing in every store you set foot in! Summer is well and truly here and now is the time to plan the summer break you deserve. Here are 7 holiday destinations that you better capture on Instagram this summer. #nofilter necessary


Before You Think About Buying A Car, Read This.

New vs. used, the age old decision many of us have faced when trying to buy a car. Used cars are cheaper, but new cars are shinier, this internal conflict of weighing up the pros and cons has puzzled many individuals before us.


5 Simple Tips to Manage Your Money & Take Control

Us Kiwis are a simple breed. A spade-is-a-spade type approach is all that is necessary to un-complicate the complicated. The steps that follow, when followed diligently will allow you to confidently manage your money, to better inform your decisions. To take control of your finances


What’s Better For Me, Credit Card or Personal Loan?

How many times have we fallen into the trap of simply saying, “Chuck it on the card!” With various products being shown to us every time we turn the corner or even log in online, we are often finding ourselves reaching for money that we don’t currently have.

                                                                                                                     READ MORE…

How Can Debt Consolidation Save My Life?

A debt consolidation loan is a single loan that helps roll all your existing debt into one secure manageable payment.


5 Ways to Avoid Overspending this Festive Season

With the imminent weight of the silly season bearing down on us all we look at 5 ways you can avoid overindulging, sorry, over-spending this festive season.




Look After Your Assets – Care for Your Car in the Cold

Tax Refund
Your car needs special treatment in winter. Follow these tips, keep your assets in good condition & care for your car when temperatures drop.


Money Week 2017

Tax Refund
Money Week is a series of financial capability focused events, and is all about getting Kiwis talking about money. It runs from 14-20 August 2017, and this year focuses on debt..


Save money on food

Money saving tips on food
Do you feel like your weekly grocery bill just keeps climbing? Are you looking for ways to save money on food? These ideas will help you save on groceries.


Save money on cleaning, don’t compromise on the clean!

save money cleaning
Ingenious ways to save money on your cleaning supplies and to lower your household budget, while maintaining levels of hygiene to be proud of.


How to save at the supermarket – the best grocery savings

Tax Refund
The second article in our Money Saving Tips series, and here we focus on how you can save your hard earned money when you go shopping.  There are many opportunities to save at the supermarket, and we look at the ones most likely to work for you.


The Psychology Of Money And How To Save It

Tax RefundWe asked our community recently what they’d most like to read about, and the resounding answer was for advice on how to save and manage their money.

The more we researched, the more opportunities revealed themselves. We realised the volume of hints and tips we were gathering would never fit into one article.

And so we bring to you a series on how to save money. We’ll show you ways to save money at home and how to save when shopping (contradictory as that sounds). We’ll also discuss how to save money in an ethical way that saves the environment at the same time. We’ll have a look at how you can save money but still enjoy an active and social lifestyle. But before we approach any of these we need to understand our approach to saving money. How we perceive its influence in our lives, how confident we are to take control of it to do what’s necessary to save it.


April 2017 Newsletter

NZCU South April 2017 NewsletterClick here to keep up to date with our latest news and promotions.




Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value?

Which home improvement
If you’re planning on selling your home and wondering which renovations will yield the highest return, this article will help you decide on which home improvements to focus on.


Take the stress out of Christmas expenses

Christmas Expenses
Take the stress out of Christmas expenses by joining NZCU South’s Christmas Saver. This is how it can help you.


Young Achiever Award 2017

Young Achiever Awards 2017Credit Union South is proud to announce our 2017 Young Member Scholarship recipients.  Our three $5000.00 scholarships are aimed to recognise young members or family members to assist in payment of part or full time study in areas of academia, arts, music or sports within New Zealand or overseas for which applicants have been accepted.


Online Statements vs Printed Statements

Online Statements
Do you prefer to get your statements online, or printed the old fashioned way and delivered to your door? For most, electronic statements are the preferred choice. We thought we’d take a closer look at why people are moving towards receiving online statements.


How Electronic Banking Saves You Time And Money

Online BankingOnce you’ve tried electronic banking you’ll never go back. Here we look at the value it can add to your life.


5 Ways A Personal Loan Can Help You

5 Ways a Personal Loan can help you-ThumbIn a perfect world we would all work to our satisfaction, and receive enough income to afford our wants and needs, and to fund our dreams.  The reality of course can look somewhat different.  Life can present some curve balls where we need help, and often it just makes sense to have a personal loan to jump start us to where we need to be.


Do you have a Tax Refund waiting for you?

Tax Refund
It’s more than possible that a tax refund is due to you.


How does debt consolidation work?

How debt consolidation works
To find out how debt consolidation works and if it will benefit you – our debt consolidation article explains everything.


Why get a debt consolidation loan?

Who is debt consolidation for?

There are many reasons why you should get a debt consolidation loan – read now to find out more.



When is debt consolidation a good idea?

When is debt consolidation a good idea?
Find out when debt consolidation is a good idea. Debt consolidation can be a great way to get ahead for many people. Find out if it works for you.



Using a Credit Card Overseas

using a credit card overseasUsing a credit card overseas can be convenient, but make sure you know the risks and pitfalls to avoid unnecessary costs and risk.

There’s a lot to be said for the positives of doing this, but we’d like to make sure that you’re protected against the risks, and are avoiding the pitfalls.

Here are the 5 flags we think you should bear in mind …



CEO Cook Off, Dunedin

CEO Cook Off


Their efforts produced an outstanding meal for paying guests, raising over $50,000 for FoodShare. Tania paired up with executive chef Hannes Bareiter of Glenfallock Restaurant and Pieter Brits of FoodShare to produce a main course and a dessert.



NZCU South contact centre wins awards

Contact Centre Awards Night - websiteWe are proud to announce our Contact Centre were again winners in the banking/financial sector at the 2016 CRM Contact Centre awards.

We were also first in all industries for web/email customer service for the second year in a row.

Our Collections team were also finalists in their category.

NZCU South is proud to offer award winning customer service.


NZCU South’s Award Winning Contact Centre

Click here to view our CRM Contact Centre Award success.

NZCU South Contact Centre Award Winning Service

CRM Consulting Logo - PortraitOur very own NZCU South Contact Centre was proud to be placed first in the Banking/Financial sector and first overall in all industries in Web/Email Customer Service at the 2015 CRM Contact Centre Awards.

Nicola Geary received one of five most outstanding Customer Service Representatives Awards for overall attitude, WOW factor and professionalism.  Click here for more information.

In 2014 we were placed finalists in the Banking/Financial sector and Antoinette Smith received one of four most outstanding Customer Service Representative Awards.

At NZCU South we are proud to be offering you award winning customer service.  NZCU South is the best Contact Centre in the banking industry.  We offer a specialised and highly trained team to ensure we service your needs in a professional and friendly way.


CRM 2015 Contact Centre AwardsNicola 1Industry group 2

  • Winner of the Banking Industry sector for Outstanding Customer Service
  • Winner of Web/Email Customer Service in all industries
  • Top Contact Centre Agent for ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ – Nicola Geary

Antoinette presentation

CRM 2014 Contact Centre Awards

  • Finalists in Best in the Banking Industry
  • Top Contact Centre Agent for Outstanding Customer Service – Antoinette Smith


Celebrate Money Week with NZCU South

Newsie- Money WeekMoney Week is brought to New Zealanders by the Commission For Financial Capability and is an action-packed week designed to get New Zealanders talking about money. Money Week runs from 05 September until 11 September 2016.  To celebrate Money Week, NZCU South will have staff available to help you build financial success.  NZCU South’s Facebook page will feature daily quizzes where you can win cash prizes by answering questions about your saving plans.



What’s the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank?

Difference between a Credit Union and a bankCredit unions still remain a mystery to many Kiwi consumers, but it’s clear that this is changing. Since the financial crisis there has been a strong trend of people seeking alternatives, and more and more people in New Zealand are choosing credit unions.


Good Financial Habits To Start Early In Life

Good Financial HabitsYour twenties are an important decade for you financially, and the choices you make can define the rest of your financial life. It’s important to understand and ‘take on’ that your financial literacy is your responsibility, and to empower yourself by learning how to manage your money. By laying a solid a foundation with good financial habits now, your financial future is likely to be robust.

Financial success should be thought of more as a marathon than a race – a strong strategy, applied steadily with hard work, diligence and intentional living will pay off with dividends later in your life.



Good Debt Versus Bad Debt

Good Debt vs Bad DebtIs Debt your four letter word? Something you fear, avoid, and regard as the route to all evil?

But what if debt is your saving grace?

We speak to hundreds of New Zealanders daily. We understand the challenges you face, and where your financial pitfalls often lie. We’re aware of how people aren’t always sure of the best way to approach debt, and the continual stress this places on their shoulders. So let’s look a little closer at good debt versus bad debt, what constitutes each, and when/if to make use of either.


Personal loan vs credit card – choose the one that’s right for you

Personal loan versus credit cardHow do you decide when to acquire a personal loan for something, and when to use a credit card?

It’s important to find the right solution for you, because it’s money you’ll be working hard to pay back, and you don’t want to set yourself up to pay more than you need to.


Shrink Your Heating Costs While Keeping Warm This Winter

reduce electricity billAs Winter sets in and the temperatures drop, it’s time to adapt our lifestyles accordingly. So pull out the slow cooker for some hearty meals, bring out your winter coats, and read these tips to help reduce your electricity bill, which invariable tends to go up at this time of year.

We know that the bills that come with heating, tumble dryers, extra clothes and more, can all feel a bit overwhelming. So we put the question out to our NZCU South community – we wanted to know their tips for keeping winter costs as low as possible. And (as always), they were great! They provided us with some ingenious ideas to reduce your electricity bill, ranging from energy efficiency with home heating systems, to winter clothes and other practical ideas on how to save electricity in winter.

Too good to keep to ourselves, we share their tips with you here.


4 car finance secrets your dealership probably hasn’t told you

Car FinanceIt’s fairly easy to go to a car dealership, find a car you like, and let the dealership take care of all the car finance requirements for you – just a quick chat about the lowest amount you can pay back each month, sign the papers, and the keys are yours! Sounds like an easy and uncomplicated way to go … or is it?

Allowing a dealer to handle all aspects of your car purchase, is placing a lot of power over your financial situation into his/her hands. It might seem easy, considering it’s likely that you’re trading your existing car and the dealer is the one taking it off your hands. He or she may even be weaving a cashback arrangement in to the deal, and of course your new car will be provided through them.


Buying a House in New Zealand

Buying a House NZBuying a house is probably the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make, and while it’s exciting and full of promise, it can also be an overwhelming experience, with hidden pitfalls and costs causing significant stress.


4 Travel Tips to get your holiday off to the best start

Travel TipsIt’s time for a holiday!  You’ve worked hard, you deserve a rest, and you’re ready to book your holiday. And we have some travel tips to make sure you get the most from your break, and from the financial investment that you’re making towards it.

Whether you’re considering travelling to destinations within New Zealand or far away, you’ll likely be engaging in fun holiday activities, changing your environment, viewing attraction sites and relaxing your mind.  One of the challenges in travelling for leisure to a place you are not well acquainted with, is not having the necessary connections to help you move around the place and to make the most of your experience.  These tips on travel will help make your holiday the best it can be.


Things to Know Before Buying a Car

Newsie - Things to know before buying a car (1)Hooray! You have found a car you want to buy! But should you purchase it and what do you do next? This article is designed to help you navigate through the process of purchasing a car so that you can make the right decision.

The struggle facing the auto industry is unprecedented, and so are the deals for the available buyers. Car dealers need to sell their cars to keep up with the high competition in that sector. Many of us don’t even know where to begin, and to avoid making a wrong decision follow these tips for car buying.


Check out our new TVC

Budgeting advice to make your money work for you


Budgeting advice


Whatever age or stage you are in life, you need a budget to help you plan how you spend the money you receive. It is one of the best tools to help you achieve your goals.

Financial problems have a negative impact on family life. They cause stress and anxiety, and may even result in family conflicts and violence.

Most vulnerable families are in precarious financial positions because they have debts to multiple creditors. Financial stability is critical to the wellbeing of all New Zealanders. This is why budget services have been set up to give families the tools and information they need to manage their financial affairs prudently.

Who should have a budget?

Everyone needs money help. Some people think that budgeting advice is for people who are struggling financially but this is a misconception. Even the rich seek budgeting help.

If the money you get is more than what you spend, use a budget to calculate how much money you will be putting aside every month so as to improve your financial standing. On the other hand, if your expenses are more than your income, a budget will give you a better idea of where your money is going. See if there is a way you can reduce your spending or increase your earnings.

How do you make a budget?

Calculate how much money is coming into your home (income), and how much is leaving or going out (spending), then find the difference. The result is that you will either have some extra money (surplus) or hardly any money left to take care of your expenses (deficit). Aim for a surplus so that you’ll have enough money to put aside for future projects, or to pay off debts in time.

What you need for a reliable budget

For your budget to be accurate, you’ll need to spend some time gathering all the necessary information, including:

  • A record of your daily spending. Keep your shopping receipts in a safe place, and fetch your bank statements and bills from the last 3 months. These will provide a good account of your regular expenses such as rent, phone bills, insurance and power.
  • A list of annual costs. These are the payments that you make less regularly such as medical expenses, holidays and getaways, gifts and vehicle licensing.
  • Your income details. This is a list of all the moneys that come in such as your salary, NZ Super or interest accrued on savings.

Tracking your spending

Now once your budget is set, you need to see if it is really working. Maintain a spending diary or make use of an online tool. A budget will help you to plan your money, but it is also crucial that you know exactly where your money goes. Make sure you know how your money comes in and how it goes out, this will be essential for you to sort out your finances.
Money tracking tools will tell you if you are overspending, whether it is pay-to-pay or week-to-week. There are many online tools and apps for this, it’s usually a good idea to find something specific to New Zealand.

Make the most of your income

Budgeting isn’t only getting a grip on your spending; your level of income will also determine if you have extra money to save or to pay your debts. It is important that your income grows, otherwise you will be effectively be earning less annually because of inflation.


With this financial advice, you will find it easier to keep up with your bills, indulge in occasional luxuries and pay off your debts faster. So start keeping a budget today and you will reap the fruits in due time. If you need help with your budgeting contact the friendly NZCU South team on 0800 865636.

April 2016 Newsletter

Click here to keep up to date with our latest news and promotions.

Dunedin TV interviews NZCU South’s Scholarship Recipient

Danica Davies has just completed Year 13 where she received NCEA Level 3 with Excellence. Whilst in year 13 she also studied two level 1 Psychology papers at Otago University.

Danica also participates in Women’s Heptathlon which is a minority sport and in many events has to compete in the individual events to gain experience in each discipline. Danica trains 7 days a week under coach Joan Merrilees in Dunedin. She has qualified for the Oceania Games to be held in Sydney in April where she will compete to improve her points from the events with her aim to get quality competition to improve her performance and work to achieve the qualifying standard for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Upon completion of University she would like to be a Criminal Psychologist.

Funding from NZCU South will be provided to enable Danica to compete at the Oceania Games to gain that much needed experience and competition in her quest to qualify to represent New Zealand.

2016 Young Member Scholarships Announced

NZCU South is pleased to announce the winners of the Scholarship Programme held annually comprising of three Scholarships to the value of $5,000 each.

The inaugural scholarships were announced on Monday, 1 February to the successful recipients. The Awards were to recognize within our NZCU South community the achievement of members, children or the grandchildren of our members.  We received a large number of applications and were impressed by the calibre of achievement by young people within our midst.

We are pleased to announce the 2016 winners along with their successful achievements and future goals.  We wish Conan, Danica and Levi every success in the future. A very dedicated and talented group of young people with enormous potential.  We look forward to next year and helping others to reach their dreams.


Conan Hayes – Actor/Performer from Dunedin

Conan HayesConan Hayes is one of 20 people to be accepted into the Toi Whakaari – New Zealand Drama School for a 3 year course based in Wellington in 2016.

He has also been selected to be part of the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand Youth Shakespeare Company 2016 trip to the United Kingdom to learn from actors and directors, visit the birthplace of Shakespeare and put on a performance at the Globe Theatre. To be selected you have to be great at performance but also well rounded and a good ambassador.

Conan has been involved since year 9 in drama and acting and performance is his passion and life to date.  He commented that to be accepted to Drama School and to the Shakespeare Company has been life changing. He aims to complete Drama School and then be a professional actor, even creating his own work and performing it.

Funding from NZCU South will be used for his participation in the Globe Theatre Shakespeare Company tour.


Danica Davies – Student/ Heptathlon Athlete from Dunedin

Danica DaviesDanica Davies has just completed Year 13 where she received NCEA Level 3 with Excellence.   Whilst in year 13 she also studied two level 1 Psychology papers at Otago University.

Danica also  participates in Women’s Heptathlon which is a minority sport and in many events has to compete in the individual events to gain experience in each discipline.  Danica trains 7 days a week under coach Joan Merrilees in Dunedin. She has qualified for the Oceania Games to be held in Sydney in April where she will compete to improve her points from the events with her aim to get quality competition to improve her performance and work to achieve the qualifying standard for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Upon completion of University she would like to be a Criminal Psychologist.

Funding from NZCU South will be provided to enable Danica to compete at the Oceania Games to gain that much needed experience and competition in her quest to qualify to represent New Zealand.


Levi Goodall – Free ride Mountain Biker and Community Work from Invercargill

Levi GoodallLevi is a graduate of SIT with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise.

He is a competitive Free Ride Mountain Biker and is currently ranked 7th in the world for the Free ride Mountain Bike Tour.  His aim is to be number 1 and he needs to increase his participation at overseas events e.g. Australia to do this.  In attending he would also be able to learn new tricks and he would be able to teach these in Invercargill and NZ and to build new jumps locally based on those he had ridden.

He is a youth leader through his church and works actively with youth and troubled youth in the community and gets pleasure from seeing youth turn themselves around.  He has built a local BMX and mountain biking facility. He records and makes videos of his bike rides posting them on You Tube and Instagram for others to view and learn from.

He dreams of being a professional rider and would ultimately love to have his own sports business for indoor mountain bike coaching and continue work with troubled youth.

Funding from NZCU South will be used to travel to compete overseas to improve his amateur ranking in his chosen discipline.



How was your Christmas?

Christmas TreeHow much money did you need? Start saving for a great Christmas this year with our Christmas Saver Account!

Deposit regular amounts into your NZCU South Christmas Saver throughout the year to give your family the special things at Christmas time.  Below are some benefits of our Christmas Saver Account.

  • > Christmas Saver savings are available on 20 November
  • > Earn interest on savings in Christmas Saver
  • > Money to spend at Christmas time
  • > Avoids temptation to withdraw funds during the year
  • > Set up payments to suit your household budget.

How much will you need for Christmas 2016.  If you require $1000, it may pay to start putting away $20.00 a week now.

Talk to our award winning Contact Centre to increase or start your contribution today – 0800 86 56 36.

Moving Flats – Need help with your bond/rent in advance payment?

Flat MovingAre you thinking about moving flats or moving out of home? We all know that moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Often landlords will ask for 4 weeks of rent to be paid upfront as well as a rental bond.

This can be extremely difficult when you have the cost of moving and not to mention that you still haven’t received the release of your previous rental bond if you have already been flatting. At NZCU South, we understand that getting your bond together can be difficult at the time you need it.

If you are going to fall short NZCU South can help you with a personal loan. We can work with you to personalize your repayment amount and terms.

Borrow $5000+ and be in to WIN $5000 loan repayment cash back. (Drawn 24 December 2015) Whether it is to pay your rent/bond, consolidate debt, purchase a car, go on holiday or pay for your wedding we can help make your wish come true (lending criteria & conditions apply).

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, or even borrow a little more, pick up your phone and call us on 0800 536 328 or apply online at Alternatively, call into your local branch.

A Financially Stress-free Festive Season

NZCUS Summer 2015 FB Ad3The festive season does not have to be a financially stressful time. It can be the most expensive time of the year but NZCU South offers valuable savings accounts and personal loans to help individuals and families with the extra cost.

NZCU South Christmas Saver account helps members deposit regular amounts into their Christmas Saver throughout the year to give their family the special things at Christmas time.

These funds are available before Christmas each year.  The best feature is that members cannot access these funds until the 20 November so they are not tempted to spend these funds during the year.

If you are going to fall short of money this Christmas, NZCU South can help you with a personal loan. Our loans start at $1000 and we can work with you to personalise your repayment amount and terms, so that you can get the things you need, at competitive interest rates and with a repayment plan that suits your current budget.

Once your personal loan has been approved, you’re free to top up your personal loan at any time, just give us a call and we’ll make it happen (lending criteria and conditions apply).

Talk to our friendly staff today to find out how we can responsibly succeed together to help you live your dreams. *Lending criteria apply.  Call 0800 LEND 2U (0800 536 328) or apply online at

October 2015 Newsletter

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Refer then Purr

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Refer then Purr

Want to earn $50 for yourself and your mates?

As a member, all  you have to do is refer someone who qualifies for a personal loan and you each get $50.00. The more mates that get approved the more money you make. Your friends will receive VIP treatment and low rates and fees too! So remember Refer then Purr.


April 2015 Newsletter

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NZCU South News

Dec 2014: The “treat box” at Nelson Hospital children’s ward has grown in size after NZCU South donated several boxes of presents that were collected in their Christmas appeal.

NZCU South Richmond team manager Katie Tomkins said members and stafNelson Hospitalf had done a great job supporting the cause and dropping presents off in the last few weeks.

“The toys are for when a child has a nasty thing happen to them, something they really don’t like so it’s a bit of a distraction.”  Read more…

Dec 2014: We have money to lend right now, so if you are thinking about updating your current car and you need finance, contact us today!

Even if you don’t know what car you want to buy you can get a pre-approved car loan and then go shopping knowing that your finance is already in place. Even if you don’t have a deposit or trade in towards your new car NZCU can get you into your dream car. Read more…

Dec 2014: NZCU South strengthens senior leadership team…

The new senior recruits have recently begun their roles in Dunedin and ChristchurRob Gina and Scottch and NZCU South CEO Tania Dickie believes the trio will build on their already strong business capabilities.

“We’re really excited to have these reinforcements join the team. They all have stellar backgrounds and I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring to the group,” says Ms Dickie.

The new members are Head of Credit and Risk Scott Gasson (right), Head of Sales & Distribution Rob Gilden (left) and HR Advisor Gina Cavanagh.

Read more…

Dec 2014: Our December Email Newsletter has our latest news and promotions.

Dec 2014: Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has raised NZCU South’s long-term issuer credit rating to ‘BB’ up from ‘BB-‘. The outlook has been revised from developing to negative. The change in rating reflects S&P’s opinion that NZCU South management have successfully directed the credit union into a forecast period of positive momentum in both lending and operating revenue growth, in contrast to the declining performance from 2010-2013. More…

Dec 2014:  Many NZCU South members will pay for Christmas with cash rather than credit this year. We have seen a significant increase in both the number of people choosing to open Christmas specific savings accounts and the amount saved by members this year. This year  members have saved over $5million in Christmas Savings accounts (in over six thousand accounts). More…

Nov 2014: NZCU South is proud to be the principal sponsor of the TradeQual event held annually in Invercargill.  The event celebrates the success and achievements of Southland’s Trade training graduates and the contributions made by their employers and Industry Training Organisations. More…

Oct 2014: Dunedin residents looking at buying their first home have been provided with a wealth of information through a local seminar this week organised by NZCU South to coincide with Money Week. NZCU South Otago multi-branch manager Michelle Robinson joins Dunedin TV to explain.

Oct 2014: Home affordability continued to deteriorate during the 12 months ended August but NZ Credit Union South chief executive Tania Dickie says first-home buyers can still get into their own property in Dunedin. More…

Oct 2014:  Click here to view our latest newsletter.

NZCU South 4Sept 2014: We are proud to announce that one of their Contact Centre Staff has won a prestigious national CRM Contact Centre Award.  We were also a top three finalist in the Banking category along with ANZ and Rabobank Direct. The sector title was taken out by Rabobank Direct.

“It was the third year we have entered the awards and our aim this year was to be a finalist and we are excited that our team achieved success and met their goal,” says Ms Dickie.

All NZCU South Contact Centre staff undergo considerable training before talking with customers and are involved in on the job coaching to ensure that they provide the best service. The Dunedin based contact centre employs 10 staff who service the entire South Island.

It was a Pink Panther theme.  More…

Antoinette - presentation - webSept 2014: NZCU South’s Contact Centre Team Member, Antoinette Smith won one of four Outstanding Customer Service Representative Awards for overall attitude, WOW factor and professionalism at the prestigious national CRM Contact Centre Award.

Based in Dunedin, Antoinette has worked for NZCU South for the last two and a half years. She is passionate about her job and loves helping NZCU South’s members.

NZCU South Chief Executive Tania Dickie was delighted with Antoinette’s win. “Antoinette is fantastic with customers. She goes out of her way to explain things in a way that is relevant to them,” says Ms Dickie.