New Year, New Financial Me

A new year is upon us! And with the roll-over to 2019 comes the obligatory change in lifestyle, resolutions and goals with the intention to improve oneself for the year ahead. To make 2019, your year. While physical and mental well-being are typical topics of interest, our financial well-being is one which should be front and centre when it comes to re-shaping our year ahead – and beyond.

Now, just like setting goals to take up an exercise programme, to quit smoking, or in achieving any objective for that matter, reaching your financial goals will require regular maintenance and evaluation.

With a ‘new year, new me’ mentality we provide you several options to consider, to help you achieve your personal finance goals for 2019.

Put your savings on autopilot

Set up an automatic payment whereby 10% of your pay-check routinely transfers to your Savings account. You can adjust the figure to suit your budget. That way, you do not need to think about savings – it will happen automatically. After time once you are comfortable with this routine challenge yourself and see if you can increase this portion. Your savings will grow that much faster with minimal effort exerted.

When it comes to savings, it’s about creating good habits. By setting up an automatic transfer, this habit is easily upheld and will help you better take control of your finances. In the long-run, this will allow you to achieve your financial goals and spend your hard-earned cash at your leisure.

Save for Christmas NOW

Sticking with savings solutions, and considering most of us are in recovery mode from Christmas/New Year, another approach to take is to set-up a Christmas Saver account. The concept is simple; you make regular contributions to the savings account which you can only access from the 20th November 2019, allowing you extra income and freedom at what is often an overwhelming period.

We all know Christmas and the festive season is an expensive time of the year. We all see it coming, yet many of us do not correct the mistakes we have made in the past. The costs add up and with it the stress levels. Take advantage of Christmas Club’s and Christmas Saver accounts. Wouldn’t it be a pleasant bonus to be stress-free throughout the festive season with the peace of mind to engage in whatever activities you like, regardless of cost? If you’re not already taking advantage of such offers, make this a goal for 2019 so you do not encounter the same problems in the build-up to future festive seasons.

Consolidate Debt to de-clutter and de-stress

Christmas and the holiday period can be a stressful time for many with the bank balance certainly not exempt. A debt consolidation loan helps simplify your finances by combining all your debt into one simple loan. This is a simple way to de-clutter and organise your finances, to reduce stress and ultimately help you become debt-free while achieving other objectives.

Debt consolidation is a good option when you are faced with multiple payments to different organisations.  It allows you to sort and take control of your finances with one loan, one interest rate and one regular payment. Simple. And certainly, a viable option to consider to ensure your 2019 is well managed, stress-free and under control.


Discipline is the key to financial success. If we are referring to a debt consolidation loan, this is a good idea if you are disciplined enough not to get yourself into further debt. Just think, the sooner you become debt-free, the sooner you can focus on other financial savings goals.

If we are referring to savings accounts, think to save first, spend later. You never know when an emergency-type situation may develop and you are in need of some additional funds.

Some final thoughts to consider to maintain discipline for 2019;

  • Tracking your spending will enable you to better understand where your hard earned money is spent. This will allow you to alter your spending habits as you deem necessary and important.
  • Utilise apps to track your spending and help budget better. On the app store you will find ‘Fudget: Budget Planner,’ ‘Budget Wiz’ and ‘Money Coach – Budget Planner’ among many other apps all geared toward better organising your financial situation. Even budgeting apps dedicated specifically for an event. Think, wedding planning and Christmas shopper apps – perfect for this time of year to allow you to manage your expenditure to reach an ultimate target.
  • Aim to spend less than you earn. It sounds simple, but at certain periods, think Christmas holidays, we tend to reward ourselves (which isn’t a bad thing) and overspend. Aim to limit these type of habits before self-control goes astray.