Marcos Jr’s Family Holiday Made Possible

Marcos Jr and his family applied for an NZCU South personal loan in June 2018. Marcos Jr applied for the personal loan in order to help secure their current financial position so that their dreams of traveling back home to the Philippines for a family holiday could become possible.

Marcos Jr’s family were overwhelmed with joy when they received confirmation that their loan application was approved. Marcos Jr’s family had planned to make the trip back home to the Philippines next year in 2019, so now they have plenty of time to plan for their family’s future adventure.

Marcos Jr said, “The application process was so fast and the service we received made the whole process super easy. We were even able to use the extra funds to help pay off our car.”

The help Marcos Jr and his family received has made their dream family holiday possible. We are so thankful to Marcos Jr for sharing his and his family’s story with us and we wish them all the best for their trip next year.


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