Let’s stick to our New Year Resolutions for more than 2 weeks in 2018…

Following on from our 50 Classic New Year’s resolutions we now look at how best to stick to your ambitions plans for self-improvement. As we all know, once the clock strikes midnight and we progress into 2018, this acts as a point of self-reflection and we instantly look at ways to improve ourselves and our habits moving forward. It’s all well and good to make the claim that you are going to give up smoking, lose weight, save money or invest in Bitcoin but the majority of us abandon or break these resolutions after a couple of weeks, even days.


Put all your eggs in one basket;

The first point we would recommend is to focus your attention on achieving one goal at first instead of attempting to realise multiple resolutions all at once. Concentrate on how you will achieve this one goal and the resources required to reach the desired target. If you’re looking to get in better shape then you may likely need to dedicate some funds toward suitable workout gear, or a gym membership as well as planning time to actually train. Now if you have multiple goals on hand here, say saving money as well, then one of your goals will be harmed or neglected.


Define a suitable time period;

Short-term goals are far easier to achieve and manage as opposed to longer-term, larger scale targets. What could be said here is if your long-term goal were something like saving for a holiday to Europe you can set yourself shorter-term milestones to help you stay on target and achieve your overall grand target.  This might be a set figure that you would like to put aside per month, or to have all your travel requirements (tickets, passports etc) organised by a set date.

If for example your goal was to improve your physique you are not likely to recognise any vast improvements after a week. At the same time understanding this is a long-term goal means you need to determine a way to stay on task. Which leads us to…


Daily Motivation

It’s difficult to maintain motivation toward a goal and even more so if the goal is on the longer term scale. We like to think of maintaining motivation as if it were part of your daily routine. Just like you get out of bed and brush your teeth in the morning, think to yourself when and how you are going to work to achieve your goal that day. For example, if your goal were to run a marathon in 6 months’ time, you may go about your training programme by running a set distance every 2nd or 3rd day – perhaps even just after you brush your teeth. Get up early, with your running gear already organised head out. Return for a shower and breakfast then set out for work. The first days will be the most difficult, but once routine is set this will become all that easier.

Likewise if your goal was to purchase a new car you may stick a photo by your bed of the type of car you are wanting to get – just simple, yet effective ways to reinforce the idea and act as little forms of motivation. Plus this is a cost-effective means to drive you.

Whatever means you have to motivate yourself, and maintain self-control use it and for further inspiration ask others how they managed or even google ways to stay on task.


Stay Occupied

You know the old saying about giving a job to a busy person because you can almost guarantee it will get done. The same applies here. If you can manage to stay on task and keep yourself busy toward achieving your targets the odds are you will have a greater likelihood in reaching it. If you get bogged down and in a rut you will likely be faced with challenges of self-control and inevitably give up or abandon your objectives.  The challenge is to stay occupied. Similar to daily motivation you need to find something that is going to drive you.



Sharing is caring

Tell a friend or a family member of your resolution ideas.  That way you will feel some sort of obligation to strive toward attaining your goals.  At the same time your friend can push you toward your goal. Referring back to the gym example you will likely receive greater gains and inroads by way of having a gym buddy alongside you to push you along the way than if you were training alone.

Likewise this can work in a relationship set-up to. If your goal were to travel as a couple you can decide to collectively save, perhaps ditch the weekly Saturday night out with the intention of putting money aside for your holiday ambitions.



If you have any other advice for sticking to your resolutions feel free to pop them in the comments section of our Facebook post.


From all of us at NZCU South we wish you an enjoyable, prosperous and rewarding 2018 #allaboutyou