Kiwi Travel Must Visit Bucket List Locations

We often get caught up wanting to explore the open world that we forget how amazing our little country is. Travelling overseas is an experience that everyone should do at least once in their life, but travelling our nation is something we should aim to do a bit more often. We recommend adding these attractions and locations to your bucket list as they are genuinely phenomenal experiences that you have to witness in person. So here is our list of kiwi travel, must visit locations that should be on your bucket list.


Whale Watching in Kaikoura

The town of Kaikoura is one of New Zealand’s leading eco-tourism travel destinations. It’s a magical place as it offers the best of all things New Zealand. Mountain ranges, Ocean currents, open fields and wildlife, Kaikoura is home to all things pure, including the Giant Sperm Whale. The Giant Sperm Whale, being the biggest attraction, is indeed a sight to see. Observing them in their natural habitat with such a beautiful scenic background is a sight that everyone must see.



Hanmer Springs

Another Canterbury attraction is the soothing Hanmer Springs. A place of pure relaxation, Hanmer Springs is home to various hot pools, spa pools and sulphur pools. The beautiful town even has numerous activities for children such as lazy rivers and water slides. An ideal travel location for couple retreats or family vacations. Hanmer Springs has something for everyone.



90-Mile Beach

One of New Zealand’s most famous beaches, 90-mile beach is as long as it is unforgettable. Located between Pahia in Bay of Islands and Cape Reinga, this tourist attraction is a never ending paradise as it beholds some of New Zealand’s biggest sunsets and best surf breaks. Rumours have it that the beach itself is not exactly 90 miles, but we will let you go there in person and find that out yourself.



Hot Water Beach

Located on Mercury Bay on the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, Hot Water Beach is truly a unique New Zealand experience. If you visit within two hours of either side of low tide, you will find the golden sand bubbling with hot water. Visit with a shovel or simply hire one yourself and dig out your own personal natural spring spa pool. An excellent experience for all, the Hot Water Beach is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.



Waitomo Glow Worm Caves

Home to thousands of glow worms, Waitomo Glow Worm Caves is an extensive underground cave system that is illuminated by these little guys. A world-famous attraction, the Waitomo Glow Worm Cave allows you to experience over a decade of cultural and natural history as you partake in their guide boat tours. A truly unique and unbelievable site, pictures just don’t do it justice. Definitely, something you have to check out in person.



Thrill-Seeking in Queenstown

Known as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown holds many thrill-seeking opportunities that could entice any adrenaline junky. Whether it’s skiing at the Remarkable, taking the Gondoliers up for a rush on the Luge or bungee jumping from the historic Kawarau Bridge. Queenstown sure knows how to get the blood pumping, all while producing a magnificent scenery at the same time.




If thrill seeking isn’t your forte, you could always instead take a look at Peter Jackson’s magical world of Hobbiton. Located in Matamata, a Hobbiton tour allows you to step into Middle-Earth and visit where Frodo’s and Bilbo’s adventures all began. Get lost in one of New Zealand’s leading tourism attractions and immerse yourself in the beauty of both Peter Jackson’s trilogies homeland.



Moeraki Boulders

One of the South islands most fascinating natural attractions, the Moeraki Boulders is beautiful site to see. Located on the Otago coast on Koekohe beach, the sphere-shaped stones are the creation of shoreline erosion from coastal cliffs that are located on the beach. A not to miss photo opportunity, the Moeraki Boulders is a beautiful creation that has been around 60 million years in the making.



Auckland Sky Tower

This hard to miss site lies in the heart of Auckland city. With a 360 degree view of up to 80 kilometres in distance that sits 220 meters high above street level, the Auckland sky tower is New Zealand’s tallest man-made structure. Home to the SkyJump and SkyWalk, the 360-degree revolving restaurant – Orbit 360o and breath-taking views. The Sky Tower is something that all true kiwis have to check out if they go to Auckland.



Milford Sound

Milford Sound is the crown Jewel of Fiordland National Park. Its breath-taking views and scenery holds true to New Zealand’s 100% pure image as it dominant mountain range, and dense rainforest holds much of New Zealand’s natural wildlife. A must on any nature lovers bucket list, Milford sound is home too much of New Zealand’s history. So explore its natural beauty on your own or take part in one of its long-running cruise’s or tours.



So there you have it. That was our kiwi travel, must visit locations that you should have on your bucket list. Whether it’s thrill-seeking in Queenstown, sightseeing in Milford Sound or relaxing in either Hanmer Springs or the natural Hot Water Pools, New Zealand has something on offer for all. So add one to your bucket list, or add two to your bucket list, heck even just make this whole piece your new bucket list. It’s time we appreciate the natural wonders and beauties that New Zealand has to offer. So mark a spot on your calendar for your next vacation and well, if you can’t wait or need a holiday now, you always know your favourite Credit Union will be happy to lend a hand.