How was your Christmas?


How was your Christmas?

Christmas TreeHow much money did you need? Start saving for a great Christmas this year with our Christmas Saver Account!

Deposit regular amounts into your NZCU South Christmas Saver throughout the year to give your family the special things at Christmas time.  Below are some benefits of our Christmas Saver Account.

  • > Christmas Saver savings are available on 20 November
  • > Earn interest on savings in Christmas Saver
  • > Money to spend at Christmas time
  • > Avoids temptation to withdraw funds during the year
  • > Set up payments to suit your household budget.

How much will you need for Christmas 2016.  If you require $1000, it may pay to start putting away $20.00 a week now.

Talk to our award winning Contact Centre to increase or start your contribution today – 0800 86 56 36.