How to Keep Your Costs Low While Your Family Continues to Grow

Having a baby with little to no savings can be a terribly difficult for new parents. Heck, even for new parents that have planned and saved for their first one, it can be an expensive and time-consuming job. Having a baby is not cheap – full stop, plain and simple. Having a baby is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life because as most of you may know, the costs keep coming even after they turn 18. This is why it pays to figure out ways to cut corners and save costs early on.

We have experienced the trials and tribulations of raising a newborn, so we know about all the costs that are involved. From purchasing clothes that only fit your little one for a month, to being so tired and run down that you can never be bothered making yourself dinner, resorting to takeaways instead. We have gone ahead and compiled a list of 20 tips that we believe you should consider doing, to keep your costs low while your family continues to grow.


Keep your clothes purchases low:

Babies grow quickly with multiple growth spurts happening at different times. You don’t need to buy numerous outfits for every occasion because in two months’ time they might not be able to fit them.


Buy unisex clothes:

When it does come time to buy clothes, make sure they are unisex. We say this as if you plan on having future kids, it won’t matter what gender the next child is as the hand me downs will work. You might have pink princess clothes for your first born Sally, but they won’t work for your new boy named Greg, two years later.


Return gifts:

OK, no one likes to return gifts that are bought for them, but you will find that you will be showered by gifts for your little one. Any clothes you have gifted for your child might not have a chance to be worn since they will grow so quickly. Return gifts for credit or for a bigger size, so that way it doesn’t go to waste.



Formula isn’t cheap, and breastfeeding is much healthier for your newborn too. If you are unable to breastfeed, however, we recommend trying to buy formula from a manufacturer instead of a retailer as it will be slightly cheaper. Or else enquire online about where to get coupons or free samples instead.


Sign up for coupons and samples:

You can literally google diaper discount codes online and print them out for free. Utilise free online samples and coupons from manufacturers and just like the KFC and Burger King coupons, get yourself a super deal.


Prepare a supply of food for yourself:

Use your freezer and make a banquet of heat and eat frozen meals before the little one arrives. You will be tired and run down, so save money on takeout and heat up some pre-prepared roasts or casseroles that you made up a while back.


You don’t need a changing table:

You will find a changing mat will be perfectly fine as you can use it where ever you go. Changing tables are rather expensive and take up lots of room. So save the expense and the hassle of having one, stick to the classic mat instead.


Buy a second-hand cot:

You have to buy a bed for your little one as it is dangerous to have them sleep in the same bed as you. A bassinet may be great and all, but you will find your baby will grow out of it quickly. A cot can be their bed until the age of two or even three! So keep your baby safe and your costs down by investing early.


Buy special occasion outfits second-hand:

Like we said earlier with your baby growing out of outfits quickly, special occasion outfits would get even less use. Go to an op shop or ask your friends, as clothes such as costumes, formal dresses or even mini suits might only get worn once. The best thing is, the clothes you get second hand have probably been only worn once as well so the condition will be fine while the price will be low.


Save on the little booties:

Don’t bother with baby shoes until your little one can walk. They find it much easier to learn how to walk in comfy socks and slippers, so save your money and get them shoes later on.


Get a stroller you are allowed to test or return:

All strollers are different. Find one you are allowed to take for a spin or return, because you may find it later to be difficult to push around. Additionally, find one that can be adjusted to lie flat and also tilted upwards so that way you can adjust it to tilt up as they get older.


Utilise your public library:

You will find your little one will love night time stories, so instead of buying books for you to read them, you should use your public library instead. It will have a wide variety for you to select from and you will be able to save money from borrowing instead of buying.


Utilise streaming subscriptions:

Sites like Netflix and Lightbox have heaps of movie and show options for you and your kids. Having a subscription will save you money on both purchasing DVDs and hiring movies because let’s face it, you will be having a lot of nights in when your new one is born.


Minimise the toy purchases:

Other people will often buy or give your baby toys so you won’t have to purchase them yourself. Also, you will be surprised by the number of other things that your baby will want to play with, like your keys or the dreaded wooden spoon and pot.


Call for medical advice:

You can call and ask your doctor or GP for medical advice over the phone. They should be able to tell you the issue then and there and will be able to save you an appointment fee if it is not needed.


Don’t bother with wipe warmers:

This appliance doesn’t really do much for you or your baby. The warmer actually dries out the wet wipes, making them less useful adding an extra costs onto your electricity bill.


Also, don’t bother with ear thermometers:

Ear thermometers may be easy to use when required, but doctors will say oral or rectal ones are just as accurate for checking your baby’s temperature. The latter two options are far cheaper too, meaning you will save a bit of coin for doing so.


Get help from friends and family:

This point pretty much covers everything, but turn to your friends and family for support. Ask for, or borrow any items that you think they are done with for their little one. You will be surprised how many people will have strollers or baby toys lying around that could get some more use out of it. The same goes for babysitting duties or even dinner time for yourself, your family will always be willing to help, especially when an adorable baby is involved.


Buy only a few bottles before the baby is born:

Don’t go nuts and buy your baby all the top of the line branded bottles. Other people might say they are great, but your baby might not think so. Instead, buy a few different cheap ones and find out what your baby prefers before you rush out and buy more.


Sort out your finances before the baby is born:

You will quickly find that all your time will go into looking after and caring for your baby. This often means other responsibilities like paying off your credit cards, car loans or other financial providers can get overlooked and forgotten about. This never ends well as using that creates a debt cycle that makes things worse. Consolidate your debt and simplify your finances so you can keep any financial stress off your back.


We hope you found a few helpful tips that will assist you in keeping the costs low when you have a new one come into your life. If you would like to read any more money saving tips, we have a few pieces we recommend:

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