Ella’s story

Ella’s Christmas Saver story

When Ella started her NZCU South Christmas Saver account she was gift-giving for herself and her parents. Fast-forward 10 years and the much-loved, dependable Christmas Saver is growing and growing to accommodate the purchase of Christmas presents for her soon-to-be husband and four amazing children.

“I have loved having my NZCU South Christmas Saver. It’s so adaptable, every year I seem to add more money into it!”

It’s not all about the presents either for Ella and her family. “Each year we use the funds to go away as a whanau – that’s what Christmas is about, spending time with family and making special memories.”

This year will be that much more special for Ella and her family, with an additional seat at the Christmas table. “This year we found out my partner has an estranged 16 year-old son who we never knew about. We’re meeting him at Christmas for the first time!” A welcome surprise with the funds in the Christmas Saver to be used to get him a pounamu and welcome him into their whanau.

A big thank you to Ella for sharing her Christmas Saver story. The team at NZCU South wish you & your family a happy holiday season. 

Take the stress out of Christmas and make it even more special.

Features of an NZCU South Christmas Saver account
• Christmas Saver money is available on the 1 November.
• Free internal transfers available.
• Earn interest on savings in Christmas Saver
• Money to spend at Christmas time.
• Peace of mind. If you have interest in opening an NZCU South Christmas Saver go to https://nzcusouth.co.nz/products/savings-accounts/christmas-saver/