DIY This Summer? Here’s 7 Money Saving Tips You Should Know

With summer around the corner and Christmas fast approaching, we are getting into that time of year where we decide our kitchen isn’t quite doing it for us now, or the colour of our house doesn’t look right anymore. That’s right. We are transitioning into the traditional Kiwi DIY season. Where every man and his dog pulls out their high Vis, steel capped boots and that drill they got last Christmas which they still don’t know how to use yet. The fridge is stocked with pies and sausage rolls and, well, you get the picture. We are a DIY country that prides ourselves on being handy. So with the summer season coming up, we thought we might share some of our home renovation tips so that you can rock up on the job site like a seasoned pro.

Tip #1:  Do your research and do it yourself

With the growth of the internet and the likes of YouTube, it’s now easier, more than ever to teach yourself how to release your inner handyman Sam. You can learn how to put together that cabinet you want or figure out how to paint the house yourself. There is numerous time-consuming jobs like sanding, priming, painting, insulating, etc. that you pay professionals a lot to do, which you could do for free. Save your wallet and make use of the free information resources out there. Because it will save you paying for a percentage of that dreaded labour cost we all see on the bill when everything is done and dusted.

Tip #2: Ask around for contractors  

If you require a professional, make sure you shop around and ask your friends. We know everyone doesn’t have 20 years’ experience as a builder or plumber, so no one expects you to know everything. However, hiring the right professionals could mean the make or break of your budget as their costs or recommendations could differ substantially. Consult your friends and look at previous work they may have done. You are the customer, so you are well within your right to ask for quotes from multiple professionals and see what will work best for you.

Tip #3: Do the demolition and clean up yourself

Another easy tip to save you a bit in labour costs is to do the demolition and the clean-up yourself. Everyone loves to destroy things so why not do it for free instead of paying your builder to do it. The same can’t be said for cleaning, but it will be a whole lot cheaper for you to sweep up all the sawdust at the end of the job instead of having the professional slap on an extra couple hours of labour on the bill for you to pay.

Tip #4: Plan with stock sizes in mind

When planning your home DIY, it pays to keep in mind the dimensions you want, but also the sizes that are available. It will be a lot cheaper to work with what’s available and the standard sized material/appliances you can buy. Find out the size of the jib sheets and work with it, not against it. The same goes if you want new bench space, windows or doors, etc. Work with the dimensions you can buy from your hardware stores or that you can pick up second hand, and it will work out a whole lot cheaper if you do.

Tip #5: Utilise the space, don’t create it

This might go against what we just said, but it still holds true. You need to work with the space and foundations you have got. Moving walls or attempting to restructure the set foundation or base of your home can cost you a lot. It’s a whole lot cheaper to utilize the space you already have than to try extend or alter it. Next time you think about extending your kitchen or cupboard space, just think about the ways you could better improve it, like cupboards that rotate or slide out.

Tip #6: Plumbing locations the same

Now this one is a big one but also quite simple. Your house was designed and built with sinks and toilets in specific locations. So if you are renovating, it pays to keep those appliances in their same place. People quite often like to have large bathrooms, but you don’t need to do this. It’s a whole lot cheaper to utilise the space properly and opt for functionality instead. If you must get a new sink or new toilet, work with the already established plumbing as getting a plumber to re do it, could hurt your wallet substantially.

Tip #7: Get the materials yourself

Our last cheeky tip is to get the materials yourself. Buy a second-hand trailer, and you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run. If you have a big job planned, it could cost you heaps to get your builders to get all the materials for you and to transport everything. Get yourself a cheap second-hand trailer, and after maybe five or seven trips or so, it will have paid for itself and then you have a sweet trailer! You can’t argue with that.

Bonus tip: Make a creative change

Here’s a wee bonus tip for those of you who read all the way through. Get creative and make a significant change. Install a skylight, dimming lights or make a fire pit, find anything and think of it as the icing on the cake to your DIY. It may not save you money but it will make you appreciate it all the more. Find something that can offer you value so that when time passes, you will still notice the difference and effort that you put into renovating your home. We hope you found some of these tips useful. If you have big plans this summer and you want a little help, feel free to contact your local credit union. We love helping people achieve their dreams, so let us help you, today. Apply online.

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