Contact Centre Loan Referrals

Loan Referral Script Guides:

Option one: (if member has direct debits and a/p’s to other financial organisations) We have noticed that you have payment/s to …. and ……  Did you know that we offer an excellent loan rate from 13.95% p.a?  Have you considered consolidating your debt into one easy loan to help you save money and budget more easily?  We can ask one of our lending team to give you a quick call to discuss how this could benefit you.

Option two: (No visible sign of direct debits or a/p’s to other financial organisations) Have you heard about our exciting new loan rates from 13.95% p.a?  If you have a lot of debt that you would like to consolidate or if you are looking to purchase a large item in the future (e.g. car) we would be more than happy to help you.