Christmas Saver – the answer to your Christmas finance woes

You’ve recently returned to work – and it’s about time. Time to get back to the grind and pay back all that accrued over yet another expensive Christmas & New Year period. The holiday was great and well worthwhile, yet was likely overdone a fair bit. The Christmas dinner, gifts and all the essentials that come with it, the family holiday for New Year, the new car bought just before the holidays, renovating the bathroom. The list goes on and on. A lot of these expenses we don’t see coming and for all of it to hit us at Christmas time appears to make all the more impact. Now, it’s easy to say let’s save for a rainy day and put money aside, but we often find ourselves tempted to dip into our savings accounts and wouldn’t you know it, this is just when another expense, sometimes a major one rears its head.

You can read all the savings and personal finance advice you like, and even then it’s not going to prevent the unpredictable from occurring. While an emergency fund is certainly recommended the purpose of this read is to specifically help you out when the crisis strikes at Christmas time.

The solution being an NZCU South Christmas Saver Account.


To put a sales spin on an NZCU South Christmas Saver account;

An NZCU South Christmas Saver account is designed specifically for Christmas spending. To lessen the load of the silly season, to make your next Christmas that much easier and even more special.

  • Free internal transfers available
  • Earn interest on savings in Christmas Saver
  • Money to spend at Christmas time
  • Peace of mind

Open or increase your contribution to your Christmas Saver account to give your family the special things at Christmas time.

The Christmas Saver gives you peace of mind at an expensive time of the year. Your funds are available to withdraw on the 20th November 2018. For your convenience, these funds can be transferred through electronic banking to your everyday account.

Think of an NZCU Christmas Saver account like a Christmas club at the supermarket, retailer or any similar scheme, with the added bonus that you will earn interest over and above any contributions you make to the account throughout the year. One of the key benefits of a Christmas Saver account is that you are only able to access your funds at Christmas time (from 1st November) meaning you can steadily boost the saver account, without being tempted to withdraw any money throughout the year.

Imagine the freedom and peace of mind you will be given with an extra x amount of dollars you will be able to spend at what is often a very busy, and expensive time of the year. It gives your family the ability to afford the special things at Christmas time. The kids’ presents, the vacation, any of them expenses that appear at Christmas time – often when we are most vulnerable. Having money aside when it matters most, makes all the difference. And it doesn’t have to be Christmas related either. You can treat the Christmas Saver simply as a means to build an amount to have and spend at your leisure, come Christmas time.

You can make regular contributions to the Christmas Saver throughout the year. It would be recommended to set this up as an automatic payment whereby x amount of your pay packet is instantly transferred to the Christmas fund. In this way, you are effectively paying yourself for Christmas. The contributions to your Christmas Saver are unique to you and can be set-up to suit your requirements. Just remember, every bit helps and the earlier you start saving the more satisfying and rewarding you will find your Christmas.

Like any approach to saving, it’s about creating good habits and maintaining these over a sustained period. Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. So find yourself something to motivate yourself. Be it, a Christmas getaway, new vehicle, home renovations. Find something that will drive you toward a saving goal. Alternatively, fear of accrued costs over the Christmas period may be enough motivation in itself to fuel the need for saving via a Christmas Saver account.