Christmas meal isn’t the same without all the special bits

Caution! Sharon’s story will leave you hungry and excited for Christmas dinner this year. Read on at your own discretion.

“The hot and cold meats, the lovely vegetable and salads, the new potatoes with lots of butter and all the extra special bits…”

Sharon’s Christmas saver is used for something that is close to all our hearts, the food.

“…Stuffing, mint jelly, sauces, and all the trimmings! Aw, also I couldn’t forget about all the puddings; Pavlova, trifle, Christmas pudding and fruit salad.”

A banquet that caters to all who enters her house, Sharon says the holiday season always leaves everyone sleepy as the amount of food on offer puts everyone into food coma. All this is possible due to her regular contributions to her NZCU South Christmas saver account. Sharon has had her Christmas saver account for over 10 years now, and she has never had an issue when it comes to Christmas day with the family.

“You save through the year, knowing the money will be there to purchase all the promised food and the largest turkey.”

Even when times were tough, and Sharon’s husband fell ill and was hospitalised during Christmas in 2014, meaning he was unable to work in 2015. She said she was still able to cater to all the kids visiting back from university break and make Christmas what it usually is.

“We were even able to spend part of our Christmas day one year visiting the kid’s dad in hospital with a plate from home. His eyes lit up more than the kids did when they were opening their presents.”

Being able to secure a significant amount of savings for Christmas has meant Sharon is always guaranteed a lovely holiday period. She loves thinking about the gifts she can buy the children, as the anticipation builds for the day when she gets to see the delight on their faces. Her New Year’s holiday is also made easy too as she has that much leftovers available, she doesn’t have to cook!

“New Years is simple, the kids feed themselves on all the leftover ham, turkey, chicken and salads. When we go away to the likes of Arrowtown or Queenstown, we just pack our food and make an abundance of sandwiches to take on our fishing trips.”

We would like to thank Sharon for sharing her Christmas story with us, it’s always good to hear when Christmas is made easy for a New Zealand family thanks to our Christmas saver account. The NZCU South Christmas Saver funds are available from the 1 November each year, with the account being readily available for access until 31 January. If you are interested in opening up a Christmas saver account in time for the holiday seasons: you can contact 0800 696 636 or apply online to receive a call at