“Christmas made easier & enjoyable thanks to Christmas Saver” – Marcus’ story

As Christmas approaches everyone feels the pinch. Be it from planning holidays through to buying friends and family presents, Christmas is a stressful time. In particular a stressful time, financially. For Marcus, an NZCU South Christmas Saver account was the perfect tool to allow essential planning at was is traditionally an expensive time of year. “An NZCU South Christmas Saver account has helped make my festive season so much more enjoyable and alleviates a lot of stress that comes with this time of year.”

As traditional as Christmas turkey, BBQ’s and backyard cricket. The NZCU South Christmas Saver is a savings account tailored specifically for Christmas spending. By depositing regular amounts throughout the year to afford you the special things at Christmas. “By putting aside a little each payday, I don’t really notice the difference, but at Christmas I have a nice nest egg to fall back on that makes my Christmas that much more special.”

Welcoming customer service, a loyal relationship and a positive customer experience are key fundamentals Marcus has appreciated since becoming an NZCU South member several years ago. “NZCU South have been there for me every step of the way, through some very personally stressful and trying times, they have always been there to help find a manageable financial solution.” Be it, everyday and savings accounts through to home loans and an NZCU South Christmas Saver account, Marcus has had nothing but positive relations with NZCU South. “The Christmas Saver is great, providing real peace of mind. Definitely one that I recommend to friends and family for their Christmas and holiday planning.”

Features of an NZCU South Christmas Saver account
• Christmas Saver money is available on the 1 November.
• Free internal transfers available.
• Earn interest on savings in Christmas Saver
• Money to spend at Christmas time.
• Peace of mind.

Take the stress out of Christmas and make it even more special.

If you have interest in opening an NZCU South Christmas Saver go to https://nzcusouth.co.nz/products/savings-accounts/christmas-saver/