Take the stress out of Christmas expenses

It’s the middle of February and for many of us we’re only getting over the shock of Christmas spending now.  New Zealanders spent a whopping $6 billion shopping in December 2017, which according to Statistics New Zealand, is the highest monthly figure ever recorded.

Christmas Expenses

At NZCU South we were very busy, with loan applications flying in every day.  We were happy to help, focusing our efforts every day on providing our customers with the cash they needed as quickly as possible.

But borrowing for Christmas is not for everyone, and we like to offer a solution for people who prefer to save in advance of the festive season.

Take the stress out of Christmas with the NZCU South Christmas Saver Account.

With a Christmas Saver account you deposit regular amounts throughout the year. This is usually a manageable amount that’s not noticeable on a weekly basis, and which you’re not able to access so the temptation to spend is removed.  Then around the 20th November the funds are made available for Christmas purchases. This ensures you and your family are able to buy those special things at Christmas, regardless of how you’ve managed your money through the year.

A Christmas Saver account also tends to act as the ‘Christmas budget’, keeping you within the parameters of what you’ve saved. This makes you less inclined to spend beyond your means, which can often happen in the silly season.

The NZCU South Christmas Saver is available for joining all year round, though of course the earlier you start the more you will save. It’s essentially a savings account for Christmas spending, where you deposit regular amounts into your NZCU Christmas Saver throughout the year to give your family those special things at Christmas time.

This is what our customers have to say about our Christmas Saver account:


“The NZCU Christmas Savings Account is the best idea, especially for me. When money is tight all year round, Xmas gifts are a struggle. You may not need a lot for gifts but it’s always a struggle to get that money. It’s a great thing to do NZCUSouth 👍 You choose how much you want to save weekly and it’s “locked” for the year and becomes accessible late November for you to do your Christmas shopping.  It’s a real handy account to have ! 😍”

Nicole Sadler


“With NZCU South Christmas Saver you decide the amount you save.  This way ensures you that you’ll have money for Christmas to spend on whatever you chose. A great way to ease the financial costs during Christmas 🙂 “

RaRa Bella

“NZCU South Christmas Saver account eases the strain of Christmas with a locked account that opens just in time for the festive season. It takes the stress out of Christmas and it’s great for start of year school stuff too.”

Andrea Reilly


Apply for a Christmas Saver account here, or contact us for more information.

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