Chalk and cheese change of lifestyle – Rick’s story.

For Rick Tonoli and his family, an NZCU South loan has made the dream of owning a rural home a reality. By the end of the month the Tonoli family will make the life-changing move from the hustle and bustle of a packed, dense, high-traffic urban rental in Auckland to a piece of rural tranquillity just north of Christchurch.  A ‘chalk and cheese’ comparison as Rick describes, “where the kids can run freely, we can finally get a dog, and my wife can garden to her hearts content.”   Rick was recommended to NZCU South following the purchase of the new family home. A personal loan was necessary to help fund the move and aid with all that involves settling in. A broker endorsement citing “low interest rates and a quick turnaround” was exactly what Rick was seeking to make his rural home ownership dream, a reality. “The broker wasn’t wrong, I think the whole process took a few days, and was really smooth. A pleasant experience in general.”   As for the house comparison – it’s chalk & cheese. Our current rental is tiny by comparison. A ‘3 bedroom house’ in the loosest possible description, Rick describes his displeasure; “I’m not a fan of condensed living. We’re positioned close to a busy road, with constant road traffic noise. There is maybe 5 metres separating our front door and the neighbours. On top of this we are not allowed a dog, which drives the kids crazy.” “The new house on the other hand sits on a nice piece of land (1 acre), is also a 3 bedroom house but with rooms that are spacious and much more comfortable. The view out our front door is scenic nature, in fact the view out of EVERY door is nature (and a few cows). There’s also ample room to grow and expand, to garden, to achieve our dream of self-sustainability, to not worry about neighbours peering into your lounge from their house, and to get a dog! My wife loves gardening, is an expert on plants, even giving talks at events and exhibitions, so you can imagine her excitement at what lies ahead!” As for moving, that’s happening at the end of this month when we begin our 4 day journey down to Christchurch from Auckland, stopping and enjoying some of the sites on the way down. It will also be the first time across the ferry, which should be fun! NZCU South wishes Rick and his family all the best with the shift from Auckland to rural Christchurch. A change of pace, lifestyle and scenery, NZCU South is happy to have played a small part in making Rick’s ambitions possible. If you have a story that you would like to share with us, please follow the link and tell us what was made possible: Tell Us Your Story Here Additionally, if you would like the opportunity to create a story of your own with us. You can apply for financial assistance online with an NZCU South Personal Loan.