Airbnb, Uber & Marketplace; the Modern Money-Makers

Looking to make a little extra cash? You’re not alone. For many New Zealanders aiming to eliminate debt or to boost savings, seeking extra income through a second job or by any means possible is fa

st becoming common practice. Besides applying for a loan or racking up credit card debt the next best option to make life easier for you is to seek alternative money-making opportunities. A side hustle if you will. The simpler the better. Allowing you the freedom to live the lifestyle you want – faster and more easily.

We’ve made it easy for you. Assembling the following three money-making opportunities that you can take advantage of. To supplement your main form of income, giving you the additional boost you need. We are talking modern day money making ideas NZ wide here. Gone are the days of the lemonade stand, garage sale, sausage sizzle or car wash. It’s time to keep up with the play with our modern day money makers.

Airbnb – make use of your space

Airbnb; you’ve heard of it, you may have even used it, or you may have no idea of the online accommodation service. How about the earning potential that Airnbnb presents, and how you can jump on board? First off, to get us all on the same page, Airbnb is a popular domain for booking accommodation and organising travel arrangements. Now while we could expand on this and convince you to start planning your next dream holiday, instead we will explain the earning capacity that Airbnb offers and how you can take advantage of this by becoming an Airbnb host.  Now before you search how to become an Airbnb host NZ, we will simplify the task by explaining that as an Airbnb host you can rent out your living space, be it the entire home or even a single room. As host, you have the right to set the living space’s tenure and availability, price and any other specific conditions and requirements. It would be wise to compare listings on the Airbnb marketplace.  And also to think of peak times when holiday-makers may be visiting your region. Savvy holiday-makers will seek out the best option for them. And this is not necessarily your traditional motel, apartment or holiday park. You never know, your empty, spare room that is collecting dust has the potential to be a solid earner. Think of it this way; the hotel/motel marketplace is competitive with maintenance and overheads that demand a premium, in order for the business to operate. Here’s your chance to undercut the motelier market and attract potential holiday-makers, students or seasonal workers. Time to dust-off, tidy and vacuum the spare room!

Airbnb itself is a broker, receiving service fees in conjunction with each booking made. As a host you pay a 3% host service fee. Airbnb does not own any real estate property which places the terms and conditions of the accommodation on the host. For more info check out the help section on their webpage.


Uber – dollars for driving

Uber has set up shop across most of the country, with the ridesharing platform fast taking over the New Zealand public transport scene. A prime competitor to the more traditional taxi industry, Uber matches drivers with passengers who demand a ride – through the Uber app. Still in its infancy in NZ, particularly outside of Auckland, the potential is there for you to make money as an Uber driver – and it’s not

as difficult as you’d imagine.

A search on how to become an Uber driver in NZ will take you to the Uber NZ page. If you are over 21, simply sign up, prove you have had your full New Zealand driver’s license for at least 12 months and own a four-door vehicle that is no older than 9 years. The driver must also have a Passenger Endorsement card and a Certificate of Fitness for their vehicle. Attend an information seminar and you’re ready to hit the road.

For more on Uber check out “Uber is here, so is waving down a taxi now a thing of the past”


Facebook Marketplace – A garage sale minus the garage

First you had garage sales. Then you have Trademe. Now you have Facebook Marketplace. Same concept applies – matching buyer and seller in a not-so traditional format. Facebook Marketplace is like a garage sale on steroids, minus the actual physical garage. Pushed through Facebook, the Marketplace is a forum to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community. No fees involved unlike many similar markets, the Facebook Marketplace is fast taking over – accessed via Facebook. No registration or sign-up. No fees. Simple, and readily available for you to make easy cash. Have a look on your Facebook app – the Marketplace can be accessed via the house icon at bottom of screen.  A quick scroll, shows a tailored Marketplace of items which will appeal to your interests. To take advantage of this, become a seller. In days gone by when you may have had a garage sale or listed an item on Trademe now you can earn easy quick cash by simply posting your product on Marketplace.


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