Our Cooperative

NZCU South is an institution owned by the members or customers.

  • Your deposits are called shares because they represent ownership in the institution.
  • All profits (after providing for necessary Reserves and operating costs) are returned to our customers through top interest rates on savings, low cost loans, and reasonable fees.
  • We achieve this through a professional approach and a prudent attitude towards our customer’s investment.

Contrast this with banks where the customers are just customers. Banks answer to profitability – shareholders own a bank and expect financial performance from bank management.

Staff are employeed to serve customers of NZCU South and help them succeed in life though fostering a culture of wise use of credit, thrift and money management.

Upper management consists of a board of directors who makes decisions on NZCU South operations. This board is composed of elected members and independent directors.

About NZCU

NZCU refers to New Zealand Credit Unions and we work together under the umbrella of NZCU to ensure greater consistency of banking services and products nationwide. We operate as part of a nationwide branch network to provide you with greater access to your account where ever you are in New Zealand. NZCUs are individually owned […]

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Our Culture

We share our knowledge and expertise to guide members on the journey to making the best financial choices for themselves, whatever their aspirations. We achieve this through a; professional approach and; prudent attitude towards our customer’s investment.   Each person is unique and we value this difference. No matter how big or small your banking […]

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Our History

New Zealand Credit Union History Savings and credit societies have been in existence in New Zealand for over 100 years. A number of small independent Credit Unions were also established from the turn of the century, but their size and influence was limited. In the 1950s, Father Marion Ganey, who had been active in promoting […]

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